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Mjli nuogenerm
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 New baby won’t eat

I recently (2 months) acquired a new baby Retic (7 months old) and haven’t been able to get her to eat thus far. I am beginning to get concerned as I have tried all of the strategies I’ve employed in the past with some of my other snakes and still had no luck. I’ve offered both live and frozen/thawed prey and she shows no interest in either. Any suggestions on what I can do to encourage her to eat? Any help is greatly appreciated.


07/11/13  12:04am


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  Message To: Mjli nuogenerm   In reference to Message Id: 2299474

 New baby won’t eat

In desperate situations I will open the mouth with a rubber spatula or credit card....then flip the tool upwards to keep the mouth open...I will insert a pinkie rat or crawler and assist feed.. allowing the mouth to close and massaging the neck until swallowed, sometimes it takes 4 hands

if that doesn’t work it is time to see a vet ..

07/21/13  11:35pm


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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 2299817

 New baby won’t eat

What he said, but try lubricating the pinkie with egg yolk, it’ll make it easier to slip it down

08/23/13  02:33pm

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