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Irnmike   Cphill58  

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 Need a little help

i have a problem with my albino retic he has scale rot/urine burns i been treating it with peroxide and some triple antibidits u his bottom still seems to be wet i clean cage 2 a week treat him 2-3 times and not to much healing i did take all of the substrates out of enclosure. last night i put him in a 125 gallon tank with natural substances maybe that will dry his under belly up but i hope in the healing process that the bedding does not get into open burns please help

05/28/13  11:49am


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  Message To: Irnmike   In reference to Message Id: 2297804

 Need a little help

Damn , 3 months and not 1 answer.

Do not use Hydrogen peroxide. It will damage the skin...dry it out and possibly burn the snake.Use triple antibiotic cream and only paper towel or news paper substrate. If you must use a liquid , use a product from the drug store called Betadine. Mix it 50/50 with water and allow the snake to soak in that for a short period. If you suspect that the snake will drink, soak in water first to see if the snake drinks...then switch to betadine solution.

Do not allow the snake to soak daily...keep it drier than normal with only a small drinking water container. It will take weeks to heal and possibly more than 1 shed.

Good luck

08/25/13  05:35am

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