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JWFugle   Schuman  

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 Shedding issue with tail

hey guys i bought a dwarf retic about 6 months ago. and love her very much. she is an awesome eater, great to handle and despite what some say shows affection or atleast preference towards me

i do have 2 issues though :-/
1 she can never shed in once piece. i have read tons of forums and help things and all that and tried it nothing is working. she still sheds in 15 pieces all over.

2 because of the first problem this one has happened. i think she may have got a piece of shin stuck on the tip of her tail (about a 1/4in. from tip) and i think it might have caused some damage. after that point her tail is very dry and hard. im worried she may lose it. i soak her regularly and always checking on it and inspecting it to make sure it dosnt have rot growing on it but im not sure what else i can do.

any advice? im debating taking her to a vet but i dont want a "well just keep an eye on it" and a bill for $300...

help Please


01/22/13  05:49pm


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 Shedding issue with tail

Can you actually see skin left on the tip? I know I.bought 1 before had a ring.of unshed skin around the base of her tail about 2 inches up. If I wouldnt have found it and spent the time to remove it she would have lost it. It had cut.deep into her tail where she had grown with it wraped on her. My advice is if you can see it then get it off and if its minot then use some neosporin.without pain reliever on it. If it looks bad or your concerned thrn a vet is option.

01/23/13  07:39pm

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