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Swanny19911991   Mac7809  

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 Mainland vs sumatran

hi guys im getting a retic in the new year 2nd one ever but this one is a baby ive been told shes a mainland but i cannot find anywhere stating whats the difference between a mainland and a sumatran she looks like a sumatran and ive heard people use the term mainland alot but ive never actually found a definitive answer to what a mainland looks like just wondered if anyone can help thanks.

12/26/12  09:30am


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  Message To: Swanny19911991   In reference to Message Id: 2288297

 Mainland vs Sumatran

well there are ways to tell the difference,it gets complicated. first of all, the plates on the head are different in placement and numbers. midbody scales on a mainland are numbered from 68-78.. on a jampea or dwarf, from 64-68.. on a slayar or sulawesi which are from other islands, from 77-81. these are the three main subspecies, mentioned obove.
reticulatus-saputra --like a mainland but different scale count, pattern and habbits. but just as big.
reticulatus-jampeanus...smaller,,, or dwarf
now the ventrals count is mainland, from 304-325.. jampea, from 290-301.. selayar, 330-334...
hope this helps.

02/27/14  09:21pm

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