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hi all, im new to the site, im here due to some unfortunate decisions. i went to a rep swap back in July and talked to several people about getting a Red tailed boa. well as luck would have it the dealer didnt care that i said i was looking for a RTB and now i have a reti instead. i just found this out a few days ago. call me an idiot if you want, but i was under the impression that if you tell a qualified breeder and selller of large snakes that when a costumer ask you for a RTB you dont give them a reti that will be double the size.

so while i try to sort this out with the dealer i need some help and advice about cage sizing, care, and just good general info about them.

i tried posting a pic of her but the site wont let me upload anything over 1meg?? which is dumb

please help im not sure what im going to do but until then i want to give her what she needs

09/27/12  09:52am


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What size is the snake....keep temps at 82 F and up to as high as 90 F in the hot spot...what do you measure temps with ? I keep mine safely at 85-88 F hot side...80 cool side , for the past 3 years...10 f0ot and 35-40lbs. A male super dwarf on the large side.

Temp Gun
GET ONE !! they will always be accurate and you can measure any spot /surface and skin temp...measure up close for best accuracy ...or directly on the object surface.

What breed/morph is the snake...normal or morph with unique colors...typical 24" new born(3 month old) tigers are 150.00 around here @ the reptile expo.

Females can exceed 17’-19’ and weigh in the hundreds of lbs in 5 -8 years....males will be slightly smaller if you are lucky.

Feeding begins with full size mice and develops rapidly into small and medium rats over the first year...soon you arelooking at large rodents and chicks and small 10 footer will down a 4 lb rabbit every 2-3 weeks. Stops eating every breeding season (late Sept/early Oct) for 6 months until April give or take a week here and there....some females will go off food as well.

They are voracious eaters and they will grow accordingly...if they get exceedingly hungry they will strike and bite anything that moves ...even you. A well fed snake will not be inclined to strike as much ....younger snakes may strike from fear alone and need to be handled often to reduce this fear. Employ gloves or a snake hook ...or just a simple roll of paper towels to touch the snake first as you enter the enclosure ...if it strikes at least you won’t be offering a bare hand...aftern it realizes the item is not food then it is safe to extract the snake...unless it is striking in defence/ cage /territory protection mode.

Reticulated pythons are extremely intelligent and remember experiences with you and others...they can be gentle and docile with love and kindness and proper repetitive handling techniques. I will link you to my previous threads to read.


I searched my name in this forum...some older stuff is gone forever
Old threads

read all you can if you intend to keep this snake...get on Facebook and look up Prehistoric pets and ask Jay Brewer some questions....also Retic Nation...very helpful folks all over the world and also Clorado as well...!!

To post pictures get a free Photobucket account...upload images album ....go to album and name it ...view thumbnails....on each thumbnail you hover over a drop down menu appears...copy the 3rd down...IMG CODE...paste it here in the message ....preview message , image should be visible. If not try not use the Reptic Zone tools to post photos.


10/01/12  02:49am

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