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 Newbie here with new Retic

Hey all,

new to the site. I have been collecting for over 6 years. I have a male albino Burm, about 7 ft long, a baby redtail and today I purchased my first ever retic and she is a Tiger. I know whats involved and I have the experience and not to worried. The only issue I may have is I only have her adult cage so she is in a 6ft x 2ft x 18 inches high cage. I have paper towel bedding and several hides. Hot side is 91 and cold sides hovers between 82-84. She was in her hide before she came out and got a drink then started cruising around so she may be adjusting fine. I was told they can start off on small rats. Here is a picture of here. Should I try a weaned rat or can she handle a small rat. Oh and breeder said she is already on F/T so thats good...sorry for the long post



08/03/12  10:51pm


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  Message To: Azsnkman   In reference to Message Id: 2275578

 Newbie here with new Retic

Ok you screwed up the

I dont care which server you use for pictures , but when you preview your own message if you did it right it will show correctly...then proceed to POST UP

If the image wont work for you then it wont work for us.

What is the girth of the snake Paper towel roll thick ??

If you feed larger they grow larger...If you want to control the growth you control the size of the food items .

My 10’ male will easily eat 2-3lb rabbits...he looks for more within the week....if I feed a 5 lb rabbit he is satisfied for 2-3 weeks. A 5lb rabbit takes considerably longer to swallow but just as your Burm ...they will stretch out easily and consume it.

If you feed small rats for a few months expect to be using large and ex large with in the year. This is the growing stage ...don’t under feed your snake. More or larger is a better avenue IMO for the retic.

08/10/12  11:40am

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