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 Should i get them?

I have a chance to buy to Rectics about 11 years old one is albino the other im not sure, i think just a normal one i can get them both for 550 should i do it?

07/14/12  04:38pm


Kelso reptiles
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  Message To: Arjay4   In reference to Message Id: 2273326

 Should i get them?

only if you know all theri care, willing to own two large snakes that have the potental to get and most likly are already 20+ feet are willing to feed rabbits and bigger food, have cages big enough to house them these are all things you need to think about

07/14/12  10:12pm


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  Message To: Kelso reptiles   In reference to Message Id: 2273363

 Should i get them?

If you are not sure of the color / morph ...what are you sure you have 550.00 You have two burms now ...what size? what enclosures ? what will you do with those, since they are illegal to transport over state lines. Most pro’s are dumping the Burmese and calling it quits with the breeding/selling.

Retics are amazing snakes. They are still legal and they can command high prices if you get some good colors. But you have to know for sure which colors to buy and breed.

Go to Facebook and look up JAY BREWER, the owner of PREHISTORIC PETS in Fountain Valley , Ca.

He breeds retic’s for big money and wonderful of the top producer’s in the world. He will answer questions when he gets a moment.

prehistoric pets

07/15/12  01:16pm

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