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 Retics and Dwarf Retics

Hey everyone, I just wanted to hear of peoples experiences with Retics and Dwarf/Super Dwarf Retics. Me and my girlfriend have been looking into the magnificent creatures for months and just wanted to hear from people who have owned them what their experiences were like.

03/25/12  02:28am


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  Message To: Dillonh24   In reference to Message Id: 2260068

 Retics and Dwarf Retics

I was shopping for my first large snake...looking for Red Tail Boa but stumbled upon an ad for a dwarf RETIC. The owner claimed "puppy dog tame"

So I went with GF in tow to see the snake. After all it was going to be on display in the front room with all the rest of the zoo. It was somewhat ill cared for and a snake hook was employed to wrangle it out of the enclosure...striking 3x at first and then manageable...I had immediate doubts that I wanted this 10 ft dwarf of 5 years.

The owner had been off in the service training for the departure to Iraq...the room mates had in fact neglected the snake for about a month and he was happy to give me a money back guarantee if I was not happy. So I conference with the GF and we agreed to give it a shot.... for 50.00 I was willing to take a chance.
Got it home by allowing to free roam in the back seat of the went under the seat and I opened the door to allow it to come out, was afraid to stick my hands under there. He came out on his own.
Immediately prepped a 4x2x2 and whilst she did that, I gave him a bath to remove the stuck shed and clean him up.

He was more hungry than I fed him 3 extra large rats which I raise myself as well as rabbits.

I don’t use a snake hook and I don’t have tongs ...I handle the rat (pre killed) by the tail. He was fast and furious...such a different experience from the large king snakes and bull snakes I own...powerful but precise , no mistake about my hand OR THE RAT.

For the next 36-72 hrs I handled the snake and allowed for some free roam time. It struck only 2x during that time. Once I had wrapped my hand in repti carpet and reached in the enclosure....he struck and released. That was very exhilarating to say the least. All he got was a mouthful of green repti carpet.
Once from under the buffet table where he sat coiled like a true predator...but he missed as I walked by.

My thoughts ...feed him more , so I did, 2 more ex large rats seemed to do the trick and this time he was much more gentle about it.

My GF says she went online and researched some info and here is what she found out. They have the largest brain of the snake kingdom ...they retain memories of good and bad experiences...they remember you !! Good handlers / care givers are usually rewarded...bad handlers get what they deserve.

In a matter of a weeks time I was able to feed the snake to the point it lacked no more ....handle it without a hook and with great respect*** open the enclosure and allow it to come out and roam the house. It has not struck in defense or hunger ever does not stalk me or any other animal in the house (free roaming iguana) and cruises right past the pet rat cage in the other room with no incident.

***Great Respect***

I admit , I was intimidated , scared, worried that I bit off more than I was capable of. I wanted a magnificent snake for display and show and tell with friends that come over ...not an aggressive monster. For the month or so that it took me to get comfortable with the 10 ft boy I always allowed it to make the first move towards the door. Never blindly reached in...always wary of the injury I could sustain if I got careless. It’s working out very well.

I still respect my snake and I now know his habits. When he gets hungry, he likes rabbits...turns his nose up at rats now. He has a mating cycle that causes him to stop eating in October and start up again in clock work for 2 yrs now. Some females also go off food as well. He has grown in girth and weight ....not length. He is a true dwarf. If he gets longer I welcome it.

I am elated to be his provider now and can handle him without hesitation ...never a hook have I used. He is truly puppy dog tame.

I have never owned a juvenile Retic...they might be a bit more nippy ...need to mature and learn who is who... and what is what. I would do what ever is necessary including the gentle application of a hook if needed. No fun getting bit by your pet...Like people they all have different personalities. I am grateful mine likes me, and my neighbors...

Simply magnificent!!

03/25/12  02:24pm


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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 2260113

 Retics and Dwarf Retics

That is a wonderful story and I am extremely glad everything worked out for you as well as it did. I myself have heard from many people that they do have the largest brain out of the snake kingdom. Again, I am like you, I am a little weary about taking off more than I can chew but as long as I don’t get careless while handling or feeding him, I’m sure I will have a happy and gentle snake in no time.
Thanks for the response.

03/25/12  03:44pm


Dragon Lover
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  Message To: Dillonh24   In reference to Message Id: 2260125

 Retics and Dwarf Retics

Hi, it’s the girlfriend. LOL

He is truly a sweet and wonderful snake. Although I saw a different side.....the night we got him home, while Chris was prepping the rats, I walked by the enclosure and the snake retreated to the corner of the tank and hissed, opening his mouth very wide. It was a reaction/retreat of fear, same as a beaten dog or child would do. I believe this snake was more than neglected. If he had just been hungry, he would have struck at the glass when I walked by.

This was my biggest snake as well, and at first I was a little scared. He definitely knows the difference between the two of us though.....he knows that Chris is the food bringer and the one who usually lets him roam. If I open the enclosure to clean it, he just rests his chin on the side of his body and just looks at me. I can clean as quickly and abruptly as I can, or slowly and gently, and he never even flinches. He will occasionally hiss at me if I have to move him and he doesn’t want to move. LOL Silly boy!!! lol

I have to tell this story because it was so funny.....One evening, while Chris was out of town for work and Retic was roaming, I heard a noise in the living room and quickly went there. I turned the lights on and Retic hissed very loudly. We were both startled and we just sat there looking at each other.....he was wrapped around the pet rat cage and climbing up. Definitely not going for the rats, but just climbing. He looked at me and I swear I could see him thinking..."Oh Gads, its you. You scared me!!" LOL After a couple of seconds of looking at each other and realizing we were ok, he continued to climb. The rats, however, (3 of them) were running on the wheel....the more Retic moved, the faster the wheel moved. The rats would periodically look behind them to make sure the snake wasn’t any closer to them. LOL

I have always said if you treat an animal with love and respect, it will react in turn. I have seen it many times with neglected and abused animals. Retic has definitely turned out to be a very Gentle Giant!!!


03/27/12  01:00pm


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  Message To: Dragon Lover   In reference to Message Id: 2260335

 Retics and Dwarf Retics

Hi there,

I am glad he has turned around for you guys because they way you described it does sound like a beaten dog/child’s reaction because as you stated if he was hungry, he would have just struck at the glass.

Yeah I understand, as you progress larger and larger you tend to get a little scared everytime wondering if its too big for you to handle, etc. All of my animals know the difference between me and my girlfriend as well.. like one day I got called into work and didn’t get to feed my monitor so I got my girlfriend to do it as I showed her and yeah.. the monitor was like "who the are you?" haha. But I am always the one who feeds the animals, I let her feed our more "gently" animals while I feed the snakes and monitor just because I am trying to show her the tricks of how NOT to get bit when handling animals and feeding etc, because I myself am getting a baby retic soon and I am getting my girlfriend a baby dwarf retic but this will be her own so she will have to use the tools I have shown her to make sure the animal tames down okay and isn’t cage aggressive, etc.

Hahahaha !! Thats a great story.

I believe the same way. I always give ALL of my animals the love, care and attention they need although some take a lot longer to trust you even with this method (my monitor) but I’m sure she will come around and this method has never failed me.

Thanks for the confidence boost.

03/28/12  01:17am

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