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 Need an experienced opinion

Hey boys and girls. I am in the market for a retic. Finally! I have never owned one myself, but I’ve got the itch for one. Out of all ya’lls years of experience, what would you advise on getting for a first? I really want a super tiger lol but I’ll wait for that one. Anyways, let me know. Thanks!


02/28/12  04:20pm


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 Need an experienced opinion

Hey i hope i can help you out a little, right off the bat it doesent matter on the morphs as far as the temperment. i love the super tigers thoe they are gourges, i produced some super purples a few seasons ago but if you have never owned a retic before i recomend the super dwarfs just because they top out around 8 to 10 feet normally. and get them as a hatchling or just under a year so the snake has time to build trust in you as well as you in it, i was stuped and bought a adult retic for my first larg snake and payed with blood lol a smaller retic is definantly a good start into retics atleast untill you get a feal for the breed. but if you have never owned a large snake like say a burmese python i wouldent recomend buying a retic, dont get me wrong they are amazeing pets and very rewarding to keep but they can also be dangerous if you don have the proper experiance/knowledge about them.

02/29/12  06:27am


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  Message To: Albinolavretic   In reference to Message Id: 2257236

 Need an experienced opinion

First of all, thanks for all your input. I appreciate it!!
I definitely would love to start off with a dwarf. I currently have some large snakes, one reaching almost 15ft. She’s a mutant freak though lol But I’d rather get a dwarf simply because I am new to owning this type of breed, and I’d rather get acquainted with it’s special characteristics before I take on 20ft of it :)
I didn’t really realize there was a "Super dwarf". I knew there was a dwarf. How much of a size difference would you say there is? Are there certain morphs only found in the super dwarfs?
Super purples? Wow. I bet that was an exciting season!!
I too have made the mistake of buying a bigger snake to start of with. Lesson learned, in blood also lol
I will definitely get a hatchling if possible. I just want something different with alot of personality and unique looking. I already have it’s enclosure ready for when it’s bigger. I just need the baby :(

03/01/12  02:18pm


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  Message To: HeartBreaker   In reference to Message Id: 2257376

 Need an experienced opinion

Snakes (retics) are like people ...some are just nice and others are down right mean. My first big snake , 5 years old ...9’8" male super dwarf...

read about it here...

my retic

Some will say females are easier to raise...but so far I don’t know if that is fact...


04/03/12  02:35am

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