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 To buy or not to buy

Found a guy selling a ’superdwarf tiger retic’ male priced at 500$
He says the male is around 6 feet and about 3 years old. I know there is no sure fire way of knowing how large this snake will truly get but i wanted to see what you guys had to say about it.
Think its gonna stay small? Im not familiar with the growth patterns of these snakes. Ive been wanting a larger snake but wanted to stay away from the boring ole burms. Retics are much prettier.

12/20/11  04:51pm


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  Message To: Getscared   In reference to Message Id: 2247874

 To buy or not to buy

I bought a regular dwarf male ...was told he was 5 years and would not grow any larger... the seller was a breeder and had more family in the east with a web site ....out here in the west he was called to Iraq in the military. So I bought the snake and I am delighted that he remains 9’ 8" and only growing slightly in girth.

500 is high for a normal super dwarf.... you can check king snake .com and fauna classifieds for price references and size and color.

They are exceptional snakes and nice to own ...handled often they can really be gentle. They usually have a fierce feeding response and care must be taken when they are hungry. Other wise mine is very tame and no hook is needed.

12/21/11  03:35am


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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 2247953

 To buy or not to buy

aint that the truth i have a normal retic bout a year old now and at bout 10’ and when its feeding time he is ruthless but once out of the cage he is tame as can be

01/09/12  07:18pm


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  Message To: Boc   In reference to Message Id: 2250409

 To buy or not to buy

A normal sd goes about 300 tiger sd id try to talk hin down a little but the markets weird now a days

01/09/12  08:24pm

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