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 Our Retic keeps snorting!

My husband has kept snakes for 30 years, but we have a major issue with our dwarf retic which he has never seen in any other snake before and we need some help! Our retic is a male about 9 feet in length. He is currently in mating mode and refusing food since end of August. He has a large viv with plenty of room to move around, but just roams constantly. He is always pushing his nose against the vents or against the perspex and several times a day he just snorts as though his nose is blocked and he is trying to clear it, this goes for a few minutes and the only way he stops is if we open the viv door to allow more air flow and spray him with water. He hasn’t got a cold as there are no bubbles. Since being in mating mode he tends to either like coming out of the viv and curling up either on top of our boa’s viv or behind the sofa and really likes to be cool. If the temp is too hot then he really starts getting agitated. We are now having to keep him at night time temperatures most of the time. Would this be an issue with air flow in the viv or some other cause? It is getting us worried, but we are not sure what a vet would be able to do. Any help would be gratefully received - thank you!

12/06/11  08:47am


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 Our Retic keeps snorting!

I too have a male dwarf...goes off food from August 15 th to April 15th clock work, this is my second year with a 9’8" dwarf which feeds on 4-5 lb rabbits.

The huffing and snorting is also common when they want to clear the nasal passage of the pre shedding skin. If you ever get a full shed from any snake you can see the small divots of skin , which when inverted, look like small points...all snakes have them ...the skin from inside the nostril area...

Scared me pretty good the first time he did it and I thought ,oh geeez, he has an RI ! But that is not the case...
When he does it I can expect a shed within a week or 2, so I start to increase the moisture and humidity. make sure there is a large dish/ Tupperware of water too.

I allow mine some free roam time and the house is about 72-75F ...he is very active at night and loves to get out. As you say ...he will camp under the couch or in the cushions of the sleeper unit. However I don’t feel comfortable letting him get so cool...the enclosure is about 82F ...if I turn on the additional heat pad I can up that if I want...but so far the mid 80’s work fine year round for me. It it slightly cooler on the other side of the enclosure by his water yet he does seem to prefer the spot under the heat projector primarily....

Do you have a hide for him?? I took a large plastic planter, turned it upside down and cut an opening for him and he loves it !

I have 2 years experience with this breed if I can help I will.


12/08/11  02:28pm

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