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 New Retic

I have a total of 11 snakes now. 4 red tail boas. 2 dumerils. 2 ball pythons and Brazilian rainbow boa and I just purchased a pair of retics. I have experience with snakes but not one that can get this huge.
I’ve handled burms some. Any advice ?

09/20/11  09:39am


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  Message To: Stevenw2032   In reference to Message Id: 2237642

 New Retic

I have had burms and a green anaconda in the past. I currently have a 5 yr old 16ft 9 tiger retic and he is by far the friendliest, calmest snake I’ve ever had. He is regularly around young children and has been to schools. I’ve had him since he was a hatchling and he was handled almost daily, never shown any signs of aggression or tryed to bite anyone.
If u get them while there small and put in the time they can be very rewarding snakes.

09/24/11  10:38pm


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  Message To: Illusionz   In reference to Message Id: 2238093

 New Retic

I have a dwarf male retic ...10 feet long. Had him a year now and he struck 2 or 3 times when first acquired. That was due to not being handled /hunger. After feeding him repeatedly ex- large rats he really calmed down and now my neighbors kid can handle him. Later I started feeding 3-4lb rabbits and he does very well with those instead of numerous rats which always seemed lacking one way or another.

I am very proud to have this first entry in the larger species. Originally I was looking for a red tail but for 50.00 I couldn’t pass this up...last October he went off food for 6 months and started right back up in April we are almost Oct again and I look forward to see what he does this year. I posted quite a bit over the last few months, look for them and the pics...

09/25/11  05:35pm

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