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Hi everybody

I have forgotten the size guidelines for normal’s, dwarfs & super dwarfs.

I would be grateful if someone could remind me.


05/13/11  04:54am


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  Message To: Moznon1   In reference to Message Id: 2218763


Since I have a dwarf I will have a go...

Normals can attain 18-25 feet depending on species and sex...I believe the females get larger. Yes some record breakers are larger.
Dwarves should not get larger than 10-12 feet if the genetics are true and the breeder is reputable and you can verify the parents.
Super dwarves are the smallest usually getting no larger than 5-6 feet... max 8 You must get proof / lineage of the morphs ....some folks will virtually starve the retic to keep it small and call it a super dwarf ...usually aggresive and hungry.

My dwarf was extremely hungry and aggressive for the first 36 -48 hours at 10 feet and about 20-25 lbs. Today he is a smarty pants cat.


05/16/11  03:31am


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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 2219337


hi mate sizes vary from 6 feet (small dwarfs) to 20+ (large mainland retics) i have a jampea at nine feet (slender not power fed) and a dwarf imported as madu at 11 feet also not power fed! both tame the larger female fed less often been the tamest! when chosing a retic go for a dwarf (jampea, madu, kalotoa, kayuadi) to start with, They dont get massive but will definatly hold there own been fast in handeling and a food drive to equal fat in austin powers with the strike speed of mike tyson! more than worth ther weight in gold!

05/16/11  05:53pm


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  Message To: Daveukleeds   In reference to Message Id: 2219437


My last sentence actuallly said tame as a kitty cat ...but I used the word p us s

He really is a calm tempered guy now that he is fed regularly.

05/18/11  12:21am

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