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AJ llc
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 Please, need a educated answer..

I have a rescue Burmese python and a rescue blood python that came in a while back, when these snakes came in due to size and now legal issue (the berm), I decided to build a custom enclosure for them and keep them. It’s 7’x12’x8’ tall, has a 12" deep 2’x3’ soaking/water dish. Many hide outs, branches etc. It has climate controller setup for air conditioning and heating as well as humidity control. I was told by a friend (locally known as the snake guy) that this would be fine for both of them.  (Built like a zoo exhibit.) It wasn’t until talking to someone from the Phoenix zoo that I found out that this would be far from ideal...

The Berm is I believe a labyrinth Burmese python. It’s about 12’ long. She is about 4.5" in diameter. She eats 1 chicken a month, and 1 3-4lb bunny. The blood is a male Borneo blood python, about 5’ long. He is 4.5" in diameter. Eats 2 jumbo rats a month.

I am not looking to have these snakes bread, however if they do that’s OK, I am just worried about snake safety. I do not want the berm to kill the blood.

Do you have any ideas on this? I would greatly appreciate the input.


02/05/15  09:45pm


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  Message To: AJ llc   In reference to Message Id: 2312189

 Please, need a educated answer..

If there housed together seperate them...I’m not too sure on your indiviual but my 18 footer would eat anything(beside rodents) that crosses it. But I never knew u can breed a burm and a blood. I’m not a blood python owner but I believe they like a little more wet/humid climate then burms

02/05/15  10:23pm

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