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 Bird food??

Can my burm and boa eat diffrent kind if birds? I’ll give their history since pics doesn’t friend will show me when he gets back from training.

Albino burm:
Weights:130+ lbs.
Diet:Refuse rats at 9-10’ I think so its large rabbits and ducks
Health: very healthy
Vet checks:every 4-6 months
Temperment:puppy dog tame

Red tail boa:
Weight:90+ lbs.
Diet: jumbo rats,rabbits,chickens(their a smaller bird)
Health:very healthy
Vet checks:every 5-7 months
Temperment: food aggressive but overall a sweet heart

***would the bird also have to be a certain weight?...they don’t eat frozen thawed so prekilled is the only option because us three know I’m not throwing nothing live in there lol. The vet check ups is on diffrent months because I’m going to be for real I have a good job but I’m not going to have $800+ dollars right their lol. The vet charge me a lot because their size and their considered dangerous. People think I’m crazing because I’m 18 and have so many so call dangerous animals.

Thank you guys!!!I ust wanna change up their meal :)

10/18/14  09:02pm

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