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 Need advice

Hello, ok I recently bought a female albino burmese for a local person not a breeder and she was vet checked and she’s healthy. The thing is though her eyes are not red they are silver. I’ve had her for 2 weeks. The vet and other people said it could be that she’s about to she’d but its been 2 weeks since that. I have 5 other snakes so I know what the milky eyes look like, but this seems different. I can’t find any answers online about this subject. I even tried a test. I woke her up, the moved the snake hook from left to right and she didnt move her head at all. I’m just concerned about the eyes other than that she is a great, calm snake. Something else I noticed that makes me think she might be blind is that when I hold her, I will adjust my hand position and she will jerk. It dosent seem to be out of fear, almost like she can’t see it coming. Here’s a few pics any advice would be great.up close there is red behind the silver, from far away they look solid silver.

06/25/13  09:45pm


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 Need advice

If you haven’t received an answer my guess is stuck shed/ retained eye caps.

Ask a qualified reptile vet for some advice or cream / oil for treating retained eye caps. Pet stores have "shed ease" but I don’t think it is any better than the home remedy below....

A home remedy is to place baby oil on the eye caps...mist heavily with water the snake in a wet / damp pillow case every day until the snake rubs the retained eye caps off...could take a few days or a week to 10 days.

Good luck , hope all is well

07/22/13  01:07am

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