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BoaLova   Chameleon_man  

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 Skin Gash !!

My Burm as a Respiratory Infection and before i put him on pills i was giving injection. The vet said he was going to get swollen but nothing more. I stopped the injections and put him on pills because he started getting a little aggressive. When i took him out this morning he has a huge gash on this side where i was giving him his injections. i feel is the doctor didn’t know it was going to get that bad i didnt want to bring him. Please help ! Call Text im dying !!! 917-494-5715

03/06/12  11:16pm


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  Message To: BoaLova   In reference to Message Id: 2257943

 Skin Gash !!

I am not 100% sure but it kind of sounds like he had an allergic reaction to the meds. I would take him to a different vet A.S.A.P!! good luck.

03/07/12  11:11am

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