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Snakeman87   Herps4me  

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 Hi everyone first burm question

I was just wondering how long does it take to tame a baby Burmese
I just got my first one from the hamburg reptile expo a week ago and he’s a bit nippy I want to tame him now so that way I don’t have a 10 foot angry monster

02/28/12  04:39pm


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  Message To: Snakeman87   In reference to Message Id: 2257166

 Hi everyone first burm question

It all depends on the burm. It took mine only 2 weeks before it stopped striking and about 3 weeks before it stopped hissing. But I did handle him everyday, and let it go where he wanted. Except when he wanted to come by my face of course. haha. Just keep handling him, even if you get bit...doesn’t hurt. Let’s get some pics tossed up so we can see your new little one!!


03/01/12  11:21am

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