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Icculus   Chameleon_man  

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 Can a burmese have permanent stunted growth?

I just picked up a new albino burm the other day that was just recently rescued. It is about five years old and only 7 feet. He was looking pretty skinny and had mites. Ive been feeding him twice a week and have the mites almost completely gone. I was wondering if it is possible that his growth is stunted because that would be very upsetting to me. I want to get this snake healthy and have him grow up to be the big burmese that he should be. Is it possible his growth is permantly stunted?

02/21/12  02:13pm


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 Can a burmese have permanent stunted growth?

I have heard that they can have stunned grown but i am not 100% on that. It was probebly in bad care before hand if it was rescued. I just got a ball python for free from my girlfriends friend and the ball was wayyyy under waight. they said it was 3 years old. but he is not that big. turns out they feed him every 3-4 weeks 1 small rat!!!!!!! just try and get it up to waight like your doing. but i would be careful feeding big pray to start off with. If it is under waight. that can hurt it. If it is under waight then start off small and feed every 3-4 days for about 2 weeks. then feed full size food. Can you put up a pic of her?

02/22/12  11:46am

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