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 Burmese pythons and ball pythons...

Please, excuse me as i know nothing about Burmese pythons and just want to ask
a pimple question, for living conditions of these snakes...

I recently visited a horrible pet shop that sells a few reptiles, they house there baby
burms with there baby BP’s, and i just want to know how bad you think it is.
I was once told, "if a reptile lives with another, it must be its own kind", so i don’t think
it’s a good idea but i don’t want to tell them it’s bad unless i know for sure.
It’s a horrible pet shop, a little Boston Terrier puppy was crying and they did nothing
about it, the rats fight, they keep a blue macaw in a cage so small it can’t even open it’s wings
to full wing span, and they keep 35-50 parakeets in a cage i would give 2 or 3...

I just wan’t to ask if you guy think this is horrible or just unacceptable?

12/30/11  04:53pm


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  Message To: MissYouGeico   In reference to Message Id: 2248998

 Burmese pythons and ball pythons...

Yeah, that doesn’t sound good at all. Snakes of different species should NEVER be housed together, for several reasons. One is that all different snakes have different requirements as far as heating, humidity, lighting and if it’s not set up for that particular snake it can cause serious health problems. Also, housing the two types of snakes together can cause them to be stressed out, which can increase the chances of your snake either being unhealthy or being overly aggressive. Plus there’s always the possibility of the larger of the two eating the littler one =(
This place you’re talking about doesn’t sound like a very good pet shop at all and hopefully someone will get a hold of the proper authorities to investigate it and either get it in a better position so the animals are well cared for or get it shut down completely.

12/31/11  10:52pm


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  Message To: SilverRaiyne   In reference to Message Id: 2249172

 Burmese pythons and ball pythons...

you can actually by burmese, ball python hybrids called burmballs. theres 3 of them in the uk and usally get about 8 foot. but if there just putting them together for lack of space then its bad

01/14/12  02:30pm

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