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 Question on breeding morphs,

Im getting a green female burm this week who is almost ready to breed and i was wondering about different combinations of breeding and what the outcomes would be since its a little confusing.

green x granite = 1/2 green 1/2 granite or 1/3 green 1/3 granite 1/3 green granite?
green albino same as above but albino instead?
green x albino granite
green labyrinth
im just wondering about the genetics and i would want visuals thats why i only listed the recessives unless i need my green to be het granite etc.. to have green granites and all that, thanks a ton ;]

10/11/11  02:38pm


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  Message To: Venom6547   In reference to Message Id: 2240042

 Question on breeding morphs,

if you breed

green-albino=normal dbl het albino and green

all morphs will be like that unless you get something that is het green

green-albino het green= normals double het albino and green, greens het albino

the only dominant morphs are hypo and leucistic

green-hypo=normals het green and hypos het green

green-leucistic= hypos het green if i remember correctly the whole clutch should be hypos

12/14/11  01:24pm

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