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 Meet Sammy! (& questions about care)

Meet Sammy! :)
He is an ’07 Albino Green Burmese Python.
I sort of rescued him, the people were not giving him proper care.. I am not sure how big a 4 year old should be exactly.. they handled him a lot he is a sweetheart and is extremely calm when i handle him but he was pretty thin. You could faintly see his ribs.. he is only 6 feet. how long should he be at 4 years old?

I am feeding him 2 f/t medium rats a week.. should he be eating more? I have never had a burm before just red tails, dumeril’s boas, and ball pythons. Just want to make sure he is eating enough.

I have no questions about temp, humidity etc..
I do have one question on his enclosure though.
I transformed (well, am in the process of transforming) an entertainment stand into a cage for him. The whole thing measures 57 wide x 55 high x 19 deep. There are some shelves in it so once it is all done there are going to be holes to connect them all. I am going to waterproof one of the old drawers in it to be a little pool area for him. I have plexi glass doors and cut holes in the top with screen in the way between the heat lamp and him so he cannot burn himself.
anyways.. the point of my question, right now he only has access to a certain section but once it is all accessible to him, will that be big enough for a 6 footer? When should I make him something bigger?

08/27/11  11:27pm


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  Message To: Sunshine3   In reference to Message Id: 2234655

 Meet Sammy! (& questions about care)

sammy is awesome!! i have no experience with burms other than having seen tons of photos, he does seem skinny to me. dont try over feeding to gain it all back quick, its not good for them, instead keep feeding regularly he will put it back on. as i have 0 experience in burms i cant answer how big a tank he will need either, but the rule of thumb i was told was the tank shouldnt be smaller than 2/3 the snakes length so a 6 footer should be in a 4 foot tank or bigger. sorry im not that big of a help, but i had to post and say how awesome i thought sammy is, good job rescuing him, ask tons of questions there is lots of people on this site with big snakes.

08/28/11  01:02am


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  Message To: Sunshine3   In reference to Message Id: 2234655

 Meet Sammy! (& questions about care)

Hey there,

Sammy is really nice looking... Are you 100% sure he is a ’07???.... I have a few burms and my biggest right now is just over 10 feet and she is not even 2 yet..... I dont power feed at all... Until she reached 9 feet i only feed her rats once a week... Now i feed her a rabbit every other week....

Now givin males do grow slower he still llooks like he is younger than they say... My male is about 2yrs old and he is 9 feet but i have always fed him smaller meals cause he only eats live... He ate his first rabbit yesterday..:).....

Like the previous person said dont over feed right now... it is bad.... By the looks of it he could have 1 jumbo rat a week.... Burms are a little different than your ball or boa... They can take down food that is bigger than the thickest part of body.... out the space between youtube.....

I havent posted in a long time... I’ll have my burms up soon...

Now The Cage... Scratch the pool area... Yes it would be cool but truthfully it would be more of a hassel... Unless its easy to take out and clean...
The Cage needs to be wider... Burms spend most if not all of their time on the ground... so less height and more floor space would be much better.....

Im trying to picture the enclosure and if im picturing it right maybe it would be better to lay it down...i dunno...

Hope this helps

08/30/11  06:03pm


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  Message To: Phoenix23   In reference to Message Id: 2235068

 Meet Sammy! (& questions about care)

if he is on 07 there is alot of neglect on the previous owners part. my male albino being fed weekly at 8 months was 6+ft. i have a granite that was fed a bi weekly that is just over a year and 6 ft so if thats an 07 he was poorly cared for. and dont be suprised if he doesnt get the size of everyone elses. beautiful bum though.

09/20/11  09:55am

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