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 Husbandry issue

I’m getting another snake (possibly a pair) within the next 8 months. I was just wondering the pros and cons of burms vs. a red tail. Personally i like the look of burms more, but i am a little weary of the size. Space is not an issue, nor is an enclosure because i have all the proper equipment to build a custom enclosure. quite an over elaborate one haha. I also have the funds to feed it big prey so the cost isn’t an issue either. Are burms difficult to handle ? that’s my main issue. i have never handled one before where as i have a little experience with boa constrictors.


07/24/11  07:04pm


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 Husbandry issue

trevor i have 0 experience with burms, actually i am still a rookie when it comes to snakes period, but i just wanted to say that if you have the funds and the space and the want, do your reaserch then get one. i think they are so awesome. i have heard you should have 2 people to safely handle, thats why i say research, but man are they beautiful and huge and awesome snakes. they have one at my local snake shop and i check him out first every time. if you get one, make sure its want you want, maybe find someone who has one and handle it,but do what you gotta do to make sure you really want it and can keep it forever, then good luck bro, please post pics of it as often as you can if you get one.

07/25/11  01:47pm

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