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Tefoe   Boomalang  
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 Hey watch this video!

(its not about killing snakes btw)
Watch the whole thing. It will give you a little snippet of why big snake owners here in Florida were screwed to the ground!(me being one of them) Damn government.......
I might watch this show though, it seems like they know who the real dangerous invasive snakes are in our country!!! ;)

06/03/11  11:25pm


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  Message To: Tefoe   In reference to Message Id: 2222541

 Hey watch this video!

Them guys are pretty cool. I love burms, but I don’t think I could go out every day and catch wild ones. I don’t have the nerves for that. I usually even hook mine when taking them out of the bathtub just in case lol.

06/24/11  09:02am

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