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 I appreciate your concern

To Mark Johnson I saw your lil comments about my baby burm and did get pretty mad especially when I could only find one other post from you and that would be the day you joined in Oct. looks like you just joined to attempt to aquire a large burm yourself if you werent just bored tryin to start a fight my apologies I have plenty of experience with forums and discussions and the ppl who just jump in to stirr up crap cause they are bored I promise there is way more crap in the dog forums than you could ever try to stir up lol
First of all I have over 15 yrs experience keeping snakes most of those have been small colubrids although I have helped others care for their RTB and Burms
After a divorce 6 yrs ago I got my first Boa and kind of went from there I train and handle large dogs for a living I have the time, room, and finances to care for my reptiles which include several snakes geckos dragons chameleons
Please do not confuse my asking for suggestions on the young snake as panic or ignorance I knew when I brought him home there was a chance he would develope RI he was like a block of ice when I got him but it was the first time my Husband ever showed interest in a snake and I wanted him to have it ( he used to hate snakes) I know I got very lucky but that was the whole reason I was being more cautious with him .
i am not here to prove anything to any of you I have checked out most of your post and looks like most of you know what you are doing but I will point out if you thought I was so inexerienced not one you jumped in when I asked for suggestions to offer any help except for Jeff K. but boy you were all really fast to jump in and tell me I dont know what I am doing or getting in to with these big burms but hey you are entitled to your opinions
So I want to say I appreciate your concern and so far we are doing fine. They are thermoregulating,soaking in their water, they have both pooped ! I am enjoying them so much spending a lot of time just watching them .
I changed my mind about not posting on this forum I think I have something to offer to it.

Thanks Keisha Howell
0.1 dumerils boa
2.1 burms
1.1 blood python
1.0 green anaconda R.I.P.
1.1 veiled chameleon
1.1 bearded dragon
1.2 chinese water dragon
2.3 leopard gecko
lots of dogs
cats rabbits
last but not least three wonderful children and the best husband a woman could ask for.

01/19/11  12:16pm


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  Message To: Buffaloriver   In reference to Message Id: 2199407

 I appreciate your concern

Looks like a nice collection, you should post pics. I hope that a little misunderstanding won’t keep you off of this forum in the future. Its been pretty slow lately so the more the merrier. But please try to understand why people on here worry sometimes. We get kids on here sometimes talking about how they are buying their first burm and then they get excited and want more and bigger...etc. and most people don’t fill out their profile info, so we never know what kind of experience people have or how old they are, etc. And with the recent ban in florida it has become an even touchier issue as bill nelson would love nothing more than a nation wide ban. Good luck with the new monsters and let us know if you have any questions.

Post pics!

01/19/11  03:08pm


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  Message To: Buffaloriver   In reference to Message Id: 2199407

 I appreciate your concern

I was not trying to stir up anything? I am sorry I feel a little stressed when immature, inexperienced people make an account on a forum about a new large species they obtained that alone has caused many problems.

Its not like I am crazy for being a little concerned when someone makes themselves appear so inexperienced with reptiles let alone a new species. You gave some good reasons for me or anyone to question your experience, maybe you dont feel that way, or can not comprehend the manner in which you make your self appear, but these are all things you did, and you need to act like an adult and accept criticism and not take it like a personal attack, because everything I or anyone said was true.

1.You impulse bought a baby burm, that you knew was sick, but you had to have it because you couldnt look past the novelty value, something a lot of inexperienced or begginer keepers do, with any species of any sort.

2.You have problems that someone who claims themselves experienced enough to handle this species could handle, but you needed advice, unless those were rhetorical questions?

3.Without a week going buy you but two more large animals, when you already have no experience with the species and have already encountered problems.

4. Even though the main concern is keeping these snakes healthy, you seem to be looking over the huge responsibility they are, and still think of them like they are not.

5. You posted TWO immature pointless posts trying to hurt my feelings in some sort of broken down english.

I am sorry if I ever thought that a person who did those things might not be capable of being responsible with such large animals. What was I thinking, those 5 things just scream I am a responsible mature adult.

01/20/11  01:08pm


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  Message To: Boomalang   In reference to Message Id: 2199463

 I appreciate your concern

Thank You I understand how a few iresponsible owners can ruin a pets good name I deal with it everyday regarding Pitbulls a few idiots get a hold of the dogs and now they are known as man eating killing machines so believe me I totally understand and I went back and read my post and realize I sound inexperienced but didnt realize there was going to be a judgement considering I thought my signature would show up with a list of my collection I guess everybody should introduce theirself and submit a resume so there isnt misunderstanding I promise these big guys are in better shape at my house even if I dont have a lot of experience with them their zoo had closed they so they were at the guys house the temp in the house was around 70 and there was no heat on them the man stated I prob need to feed them up they havent eaten since the zoo closed sooo.... I brought them home CLEANED THEM UP they both have 2 rabbits in them they are a dream to handle my lil guy is doing great so I am pretty happy

01/24/11  07:50am


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  Message To: Buffaloriver   In reference to Message Id: 2200667

 I appreciate your concern

A collection says nothing about how experienced you are with snakes. They could be in the worst shape possible and you would still have a collection...
The way you posted before doens’t show you are inexperienced. but it does show you are immature with the way you handled the situation at hand. However, the questions you asked about the simple problems you ran into did. No one is judging you here, we are just concerned about the well being of these large snakes. This forum is a place to come to get help, and share knowledge, not a battle ground. Please keep it that way.


01/25/11  01:10am

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