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 Pair of albino Burms het labyrinth

4 foot or over, just got them, they only eat live, and have a few bites and scratches from previous owner not stopping the rat from biting or scratching while eating. None of them are deep, and will be impossible to detect after a shed, all wounds are being treated. They both safely ate a large rat today.
Any suggesstions on getting them to eat frozen, eating live is going to be a problem when they are larger. I have never switched a snake over to frozen before.

Female has the darker pattern, male is much lighter and a little smaller.

01/15/11  11:46pm


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  Message To: KimboSliceEatsCats   In reference to Message Id: 2198638

 Pair of albino Burms het labyrinth

They are very beautiful snakes!!!!
I have switched my snakes over before by offering fresh killed first ( still twitching ) then frozen thawed try not to thaw with water it dilutes the smell if you do thaw with water try blow drying before feeding DO NOT FEED THEM TOGETHER IN THE SAME ENCLOSURE!
if all else fails take a f/t rat rub it in the bedding of a live rat to make it smell right but sometimes and it isnt often you get a snake that will not no matter what you do eat anything but live I have a blood like that and I hate that I cant get her switched over all of my other snakes eat f/t

boy I sure hope Johnson agrees with this advice I would hate to sound inexperienced

01/16/11  01:47am


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  Message To: Buffaloriver   In reference to Message Id: 2198655

 Pair of albino Burms het labyrinth

Those are some beautiful snakes thats forsure..... I have a male burm that no matter what i do he will not eat f/t.... i’ve tried so many things.... i have starved him for 3 months and he still wouldnt eat... its ridic...... one thing i havent tried which someone tld me to do is rub chick feathers on the rat/bunny whatever.... i guess they go crazy over that.... i dont have chicks or a way to get them so that why i havent tried yet......

make sure you keep us posted on these two

01/17/11  01:31am

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