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 Florida Senator Bill Nelson, pushing for all out ban!!

tell him what you think!!!!!
Contact him!

The story!

07/08/09  12:13pm


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  Message To: Tefoe   In reference to Message Id: 2036111

 Florida Senator Bill Nelson, pushing for all out ban!!

Im so sick of "oh that poor kid" had her stupid parent and step parent followed the laws she would still be here. had they fed there "pet" shed still be here. so if a dog was starved and tried to eat her would that mean we ban all dogs? NOPE.
I watched the Fox vid and it put me to tears to see how skinny that burm was. And they stabbed it before it got away! All it wanted was food!

07/10/09  10:28am


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  Message To: Happyherp   In reference to Message Id: 2037119

 Florida Senator Bill Nelson, pushing for all out ban!!

I agree, for all we know the dumb owner had it in some Ghetto rigged cage it got out hungry and tried to eat on the first thing it found that could possibly be swolloed cause i find it hard to believe a underweight snake like that would eat a child at 2 which to that snake is pretty big... it really grinds my gear to hear how the press make it seem that snakes are so evil like that just go out hunting for Peoples children and eat them, its dumb. I think they should be trying to prevent idiots like that from owning Big Body herps... just my opinions and two cents

07/17/09  11:41am


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  Message To: RepticFreak   In reference to Message Id: 2040830

 Florida Senator Bill Nelson, pushing for all out ban!!

I find this a horrible tragic loss for that poor child, I would not wish that on anyone ever. I personally believe the Mother and live in boyfriend should be 100% accountable due to the fact that the snake was not registered,micro chipped and was in an enclosure that was not secure enough. I own plenty of snakes I have 4 kids and no matter how hard money times get or not There is always food in that freezer for all my snakes and they are fed regularly and are at appropriate weights for there age’s along with there lengths. That snake there was in my opinion severely under weight. To think the snake had got out earlier in the day or whenever is appalling to know that he didn’t re-enforce the cage after the first time. I am not stating mine have never got out I have had 2 out in an 8 yr period a small ball and the most recent an 8 foot red tailed, but I have taken precautions for it not to happen again and seeing mine where found hiding makes me wonder how long the snake in question had it’s last meal as mine was due for her meal and not a strike hiss or nothing when i retrieved her. So as i end my little Canadian me rant. Once again I am sorry it had to come to a little girl dying, but people should help accountable and when i say people I mean her Mother and live in boyfriend and others who do not take the time to give a damn about any pet they did this to pitbull’s and many other types of animals and I pray it doesn’t come to you guys(Americans) losing your rights on these beauty’s as I know it will happen here shortly after there. I for one don’t wanna lose any of my reptiles!!

This is Boots when we first got him not very old at all

This is a photo taken 2 days ago at under 2yrs old

07/20/09  08:38pm


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  Message To: RepticFreak   In reference to Message Id: 2040830

 Florida Senator Bill Nelson, pushing for all out ban!!

Yea i’ve seen a lot of ignorant posts online and heard a lot of negative things since the florida incident. I actually argued with some people for days on a website and someone actually got so mad they figured out a way to delete my posts. Link

07/25/09  01:48am


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  Message To: Boomalang   In reference to Message Id: 2044927

 Florida Senator Bill Nelson, pushing for all out ban!!

I’ve heard a few rumors at a reptile show last week that they aren’t entirely sure that the snake killed the child. I heard the coroner hasn’t released the cause of death yet as they suspect maybe the boyfriend may have had something to do with it. Who really knows though. Either way it’s the parents fault. You’d think if you had small children you’d make dam sure they couldn’t get out.

07/31/09  03:12pm


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  Message To: Bjk666   In reference to Message Id: 2048770

 Florida Senator Bill Nelson, pushing for all out ban!!

It is still up in the air. People have said that the FL gov. has been looking for a snake attack. They wanted to ban all pythons not just burms. And this was his chance to jump on pushing that bill.
Im sad this child had to lose her life over her mothers actions. I have a 9yr old and would never own a pet I did not think I could handle and care for. And one who will reach 15 ft! My state {KY} is looking into banning pitbulls because of a situation simaler to this. The dog was under fed and beaten. It got off its chain and killed a 5yr old child. I just dont under stand why people cant see its NOT the animals fault.

and I love those pics of the kids with your burm. Lol takes 3 of them to pick him up. very cute!

08/02/09  12:45am


Leos for life
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  Message To: Happyherp   In reference to Message Id: 2049398

 Florida Senator Bill Nelson, pushing for all out ban!!

o my god! how could anyone say im sick of hearing oh thet poor kid. she was two years old and was strangled by an 8 foot reptile what a tragic way to go especially at such a young age yes it was unfortunate that the snake wasn’t well cared for but its just a snake and should be killed.

10/25/09  12:37pm


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  Message To: Leos for life   In reference to Message Id: 2088464

 Florida Senator Bill Nelson, pushing for all out ban!!

im sorry im going to have to disagree with that. I believe the low life boyfriend should be killed for letting the snake strangle the child. I believe he should be constricted to death. Its not the snakes fault its the pathetic excuse of parents the poor child had

10/25/09  11:33pm


Raina potter
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  Message To: Denial9945   In reference to Message Id: 2088642

 Florida Senator Bill Nelson, pushing for all out ban!!

@ leos for life- what th hell are you doing on this forum if you think that snake should be stabbed- this is a reptile appreciation site i think?

guys pls don’t flame me- i know you are all very protective of your snakes and i understand that

i think snakes are beautiful creatures and i want to major in herpetology
however, i do not agree with snake ownership, i’m sorry i don’t- they are wild animals and the wild is where they belong- not in people’s home- but wtvr- if you can take care of it, fine no complains

however, this particular case obviously is not one to be taken lightly- a young girl has died and you are tired of hearing that? quite frankly i’m tired of inexperienced owners complaining they’ve been attacked when the snake is merely acting on instinct- they are exotic wild animals and CANNOT under any circumstances be tamed- i understand that some are more docile than others but it is a proven fact that snakes cannot be trained

so while i have a deep love and respect for snakes, i believe they belong in the wild and not in people’s backyard’s- but if you can take care of it- go for it

if you can’t- your a egghead
as for leos for life- gtfo

04/16/10  08:53pm


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  Message To: Raina potter   In reference to Message Id: 2141192

 Florida Senator Bill Nelson, pushing for all out ban!!

this tragedy has been spun out of control.

the facts:
underfed burm
improper houseing
illegally owned
drug abusing parents
boyfriend recently release from jail

the coroners still has yet to release a official story. there was no signs of strangulation and no internal or external bruising to support constriction. the only thing they found were some bites. now one must ask themself two things, how did the boyfriend make precision strikes with a knife and butcher knife while it was thrashing around with the girl.

did anyone check to see if there was bite marks on the dad i bet there was.

heres what happened they were both meth heads, the child was neglected and something happened and she died. the father claims it happened in the middle of the night yet the police weren’t called tell the morning. Aslo the father request a warrant before he let the paramedicals into the house.... why.

i say something happened to the girl and the snake was framed he took it out stabbed it and then held it over the girl while it was pissed and it tagged her a couple of times, then the police were called.

i want a time of death released. i want to know if the bites were mortom or post mortom. i want to know they delay between the time of puncture as compared to the arrival of the medics, as well as the time the wounds were made to the snake.

lets see some real evidence that the snake actually killed this girl and not that some meth heads killed thier own child as a way out to enjoy their drug abusing lives.

04/18/10  07:46pm


Like my balls
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  Message To: Tefoe   In reference to Message Id: 2036111

 Florida Senator Bill Nelson, pushing for all out ban!!

What gets me is they talk about pythons in the video and show red tail boas ?
can they get it right. the most docile snake now is looked at as a killer.
people need to grow up. hold the owners responsible. this was a tragedy.
but freaky butt sniff happens all the time and don’t ever get to the news like the bus driver that was drunk and killed everyone on Bord including 15 children ! :(

That video sucks they need to do there research then they can say whatever
But if they did there research they would see there are millions of snakes and this happens 1 time out of a million.

04/18/10  08:26pm


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  Message To: Like my balls   In reference to Message Id: 2141599

 Florida Senator Bill Nelson, pushing for all out ban!!

All of this could of been avoided if they would of kept care of the animal. I disagree with the ban but think anybody that has an animal(reptile) should have some kind of paper saying the are able to care for the animal. I don’t mean the old way of caring for an animal for example 10 years ago it was OK to put an full grown Savannah monitor in a 55 tank we all now know that is not the way.

04/27/10  02:06pm


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  Message To: Tefoe   In reference to Message Id: 2036111

 Florida Senator Bill Nelson, pushing for all out ban!!

so why do they keep showing a boa. and i totally disagree with outlawing them. enforcing laws on owning one yes. but not outlawing them. i have a 3 year old so i am extra careful with my snakes and enclosures. i am sorry for the family but it was not the snakes fault and should not punish the rest of the people that actually care and know what they are doing with there pets.

05/13/10  04:48am


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  Message To: Tefoe   In reference to Message Id: 2036111

 Florida Senator Bill Nelson, pushing for all out ban!!

It is terrrible to what happened to the child, i would never want that to happen to my child if i ever have one in the future). But it is no fair that the snake had to be treated like that, its not the snakes fault. it ws just acting on insinct for food. and it being starved and not cared for properly only led to a horrible tragedy.

the only ones who should be punished is the people who can’t take care of these magestic giants. Not the people out there that do the right thing and know how to care for these animals. everyone knows a well cared for and well fed and handled burm. can be a very gentle animal.

they should not ban any python from anywhere its just no right.

although some people think that the logic of "its not the animals fault’ is wrong and any animal that bites (with reason or not) should be killed. i never think its the animals fault its always the human who makes the mistake of not reading the body language or looking out to not step on anything or stupid enough to pick up an animal that is clearly not happy with their presence. most are just procctecting somethig or is frightened.
i try to explain this logic to many people but they either argue with me or call me stupid.

i just hope this snake ban does not happen

i dont own any burms, even though i would love too one day. but i dont think i would ba allowed cause some here dont think its a good idea and think that they are dangerous.
i have two BPs though and not once was there a threat from them, not a hiss or strike...
nor my friends burm, huge and friendly...
people are just close minded and blind on the truth and facts

05/19/10  12:02pm


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  Message To: JessiM   In reference to Message Id: 2148739

 Florida Senator Bill Nelson, pushing for all out ban!!

This is ridiculous. I’ll tell you what should be banned: idiots!

It should be illegal to own large snakes and have small children. I think that’s a more intelligent law than banning snakes.

The world is full of ignorant fools.

That senator said it’s a no-brainer that snakes should be banned. Well Mr. Nelson, if a dog in Florida maimed or killed a two year old girl would it be a no-brainer to ban dogs?? DIDN’T THINK SO. You’re an idiot.

06/01/10  12:30pm


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  Message To: Alleraupiscine   In reference to Message Id: 2152156

 Florida Senator Bill Nelson, pushing for all out ban!!

While it was a tragedy it was avoidable and everyone here with one exception brings up valid points and there are all kinds of facts and stats saying dogs make for more dangerous pets than any large snake does more ppl get cat scratch fever than any body gets seriously injured by a pet snake of any type most snake attacks are from snakes in the wild and still they are less dangerous than dogs less dangerous than cars or planes or anything else man is the single most dangerous to man beast or planet yet reptiles snakes especially are criticised ostricised and persecutted the most its sick and i wish people would take the time to look up info on these sort of things and i apologize for my lack of writing ability

08/05/10  09:09am


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  Message To: Serpentshideaway   In reference to Message Id: 2167263

 Florida Senator Bill Nelson, pushing for all out ban!!

This is an old post and still going, I have a soon to be 1 year old daughter, I have owned snakes for more years then I care to count. When my wife told me she was pregnant, the first thing I did (right after building a new room on to the house for a new baby room) was to renovate my basement and move all of the snakes into a basement where each one is in a locked terrarium with the keys secured in a lockbox, and all of this in a basement with one entrance that is (guess what?) Locked. point being I consider myself to be very common sense oriented. and i don’t want my daughter any where near my reticulated pythons or my boas or not even my BP’s at this point. so I take control measures. Common Sense..... it isn’t all that common anymore. But I have got to agree with some of the other posts leaning toward the Newly released from prison boyfriend having something to do with it.
In Germany for what they consider "dangerous animals" mainly venomous (currently Burmese pythons are not on the list) you have to go to a 2 week course given at a zoo and pass a test that has both a written portion and a hands on portion. Soon Germany will be placing a "restriction" on larger snakes included in this is Retics, Burms, and Condas, this will require you to have your neighbors sign paperwork acknowledging your intent to own, and stamped off by the city register.
Bottom line, Germany has some silly rules, but allot of them are emplace for a reason, and the only snakes that are "banned" are Hots(only in certain states). And Germans don’t come up with crazy new laws to emplace because something happened due to someones failure to follow an existing one. Recently an 18 yr old male bought a cobra (wasn’t released what kind) it was his first snake, and immediately escaped due to those poor mistakes beginners make (not locking the terarium and leaving the sliding glass door cracked). The guy was not licensed and snake was not registered.
The old addage guns don’t kill people, people do, snakes aren’t the ones doing the damage, irresponsible owners are!

08/11/10  10:25am


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  Message To: Flicker3123   In reference to Message Id: 2042429

 Florida Senator Bill Nelson, pushing for all out ban!!

on a side note...your burm is sexy! what type (not sure what to call it) is it? I am going to be getting a few soon i know i want an albino granite and an albino green. just a matter of time (im only 17... gotta wait till December.) and i agree with the first post... if the people that owned the snake would have just fed the thing it would still be here and so would their kid... i dont understand how someone can buy a snake and then not take care of it... i hate it!

08/19/10  04:29pm


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  Message To: Scimma   In reference to Message Id: 2168563

 Florida Senator Bill Nelson, pushing for all out ban!!

I know this is an old thread, but I read it and had to comment.

I was bought up with Boas, Reticulated Pythons and other large snakes. I have never been bitten, never been strangled, never even been remotely hissed at. You know why? Because the snakes were well fed!!! I 110% agree with those that say its a very fishy story. By the look of that poor snake, it would surprise me if it had enough strength to kill that little girl. And as for the boyfriend putting it back into an already escaped from tank - that’s just asking for trouble!!

11/03/10  07:14am


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  Message To: Happyherp   In reference to Message Id: 2049398

 Florida Senator Bill Nelson, pushing for all out ban!!

i live in ontario where the banned pitbulls i find it totally unfair as i wanted one and now will never have that chance i dont think its fair to do it to a snake either . everyone has a right and should be smart enough to read and reseach and speak to people who have them before they choice to purchase one i dont think its fair the animal suffers cause someone cant deal with there resposibilitys that the brought on them self!

06/07/11  02:54pm

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