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 Trying to soak up some knowledge!

I was wondering why I wasn’t getting answers on the Ball Python forum. Reposting here!

Over the past few weeks, I have tried to find as much information as I can on genetics and breeding. I had the glorious opportunity to talk to and shake David Barker’s hand this past weekend at the Expo. Of course, his book, Pythons of the World, vol 2, sounded the most attractive for a beginner overall (husbandry, breeding, etc). However, I have also heard The Complete Ball Python (McCurley) and Designer Morphs (Berry) are two fantastic books, each having pros and cons i.e. lacking information in some places whilst having an abundance in orders.

Collectively, what literature (if any) or reference have you found most informative for successful and healthy breeding? I won’t be starting this coming season (unless I stumble upon an overflowing amount of money), so I have a good amount of time to set myself up.

08/21/11  07:36pm

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