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 What to breed?

I have a female pastel that I bought about 5 months ago. She is an 08’ but is an ASF eater so she was only 802 grams when I got her (breeder didnt have steady access to ASFs). Fortunately I breed my own so she has been pounding them down like crazy. She is now up to 1266 grams empty and has been Qted for 90 days. After a few more meals and about 150-200 more grams I plan to breed her. The problem is I dont know what to breed her to. lol I have a het pied, a cinnamon, a het clown, a pinstripe, and 2 pastel boys all ready to go but cant decide which to use.

I really want to breed the cinnamon to her and make some pewters, but I also really want to make lemon blasts. The pinstripe is proven and has stellar genetics. He was bred to a normal girl last season which gave me 7 eggs containing 0.2 normals and 4.1 pinstripes. All of the pinstripes have an almost perfect dorsal stripe just like their father. I havent had the chance to prove out the cinnamon yet, and would really like to add a pewter or 2 to my collection, but the same goes for the lemon blasts. lol

So which boy do you guys think would be better to breed to her?

02/01/11  12:41pm


Designer Dragons
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 What to breed?

Well I am always looking to add some veriety to my collection so if If I were you I would go with the ginny and see if you can prove him.You can always through the pin in there if things go wrong.However the lemon blasts are some of my favorite morphs next to a bumble bee.

All in all do what you think will help you expand.

03/19/11  12:24pm


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  Message To: Designer Dragons   In reference to Message Id: 2210412

 What to breed?

rotate the males youll have a chance at both fathering eggs in the clutch. i seen it done before with a spider a pastel and a pin. hell maybe youll get liucky and theyll both father 1 egg and get a pewter lemon blast or some crazy morph that only you will have.

07/08/11  09:41am

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