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 A question on incubators

Now i am total newbie to breeding and i dont plan to breed anytime soon (though i would like to breed balls in a couple of years)

I noticed on a few websites they have reptile egg incubators and bird egg incubators seperately. What is the difference? could reptile eggs be incubated in a bird egg incubator?? I thought it just regulated the temperature for the most part so i dont understand the difference in the two.

09/26/10  08:45pm


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 A question on incubators

there are significant differences between bird and reptile incubators, buy a reptile incubator, or if you are trying to save money there are a million and one how-to’s on line. i recomend for a beginner getting the reptibator it is known to be one of the most reliable incubators on the market, or the Herp nursery II is another good one, just do your research and you will find the one that best suits your needs, I personally will be getting reptibator this year, as all reviews have placed as the best one, (a little pricy, but its worth it. How many balls do you plan on breeding? if you are just breeding one or two in the first couple of years start out with a smaller one.
Also, do your research when it comes to incubation, its not rocket science but if not done correctly it will fail, there is a fairly low degree of tolerance for humidity and temps, there are several different techniques, but most recommend you keep the eggs in small plastic containers with vermiculite and keep the vermiculite damp enough to clump but not drip, use the incubator to monitor temps and then just maintain your humidity!
I have heard some say to just keep them on damp paper towels, but I have never tried this!
and from the sounds of it you are looking at actual incubator manufacturers, start with pet shops first, bigapple herp is good so is lllreptile, etc. and they may even be able to help you select the best product!!

10/09/10  05:11am

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