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 Breeding BP’s Help please!!!!

I am seriously considering breeding my male royal python. I would need to buy a female. I am not in it for the money instead I want to do it for the love of snakes and the satisfaction of creating a new one. Please will you post some instructions for me to follow as it is my first attempt at breeding also any personal tips would be much appreciated. Thanks

01/27/09  04:17pm


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 Breeding BP’s Help please!!!!

It’s kinda late in the season, and if you’re a beginner, it would not be wise to do a shotgun breeding.
You need specific equipment, and alot of prior knowledge.
I have yet to breed my snakes, but I am also waiting until next season, so that I have time to read up and prepare my snakes for the first attempt at baby making.
So, if you’re serious about it, read up!
And be prepared for when next season rolls around.
The reason I say wait, is because the whole process of breeding starts in November.
You can’t just throw a male and a female together without prior preparations and expect them to get it on. If you do, great, but it’s alot less stress on the snakes if you go through the process of hibernation, etc.
Anywho, good luck next season! It will be my first breeding season as well.
n00bs unite...

02/16/09  07:08pm

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