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 Ball python breeding

hey im not new to ball pythons i used to have a male normal for a few years but my little cousin got an interest in them so for his 9th birthday i gave it to him (dont worry he is very responsible and his dad helps him and 2 years later hes doing great) now i kept it in a 20 long so i have no experience with tub and rack systems and im thinking about breeding not just going to do it im still just thinking and im not in it for the profit im in it for the love of snakes and i was wondering if i had 3 adult snakes that i wanted to breed and i wanted to use a rack how many tubs would i need? because i need to take into consideration where to keep the ones that dont sell so if someone could please give me sort of a supplies list tell me how many tubs i will need and how to build a rack i know its alot to ask but it sure would make a difference i appreciate it! thanks!

12/07/08  02:24pm

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