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First off I apologize for not being able to post pics as they might have helped you understand what I am taking about. I went to take a picture and the battery in my camera was dead from the Chicago show a while back. Anyways, I own around 25 snakes I believe so I am not just someone who is new to snakes and wants to make money or anything like that, I just felt I was ready to move on to the next step and attempt breeding. I put my 2 burms together today then left for school, when I returned I actually thought that my larger snake (female) had killed my smaller one (male). The male had his head bent up and under his body and their tails were wrapped but his hemi-penes were sticking out slightly(maybe all the way I am not sure how they actually look all the way out and what not) but they were not locked up, they were just sticking out off to the side of the female. He wasn’t moving or anything so I though maybe she had killed him. I ended up using my hook and moving his head and he was alive (probably shouldn’t have messed with him as I might have interrupted w/e was going on) I was just curious though, is it normal for them to be wrapped up and have the hemi-penes sticking out without actually being locked up either before or after locking up and if so do they normally stay like that for a while? Sorry, I do not want to sound stupid I am just curious, I do not want to put my snake at risk in any way. Thank you all for any help you give, and sorry for such a long post.

11/11/08  01:43am

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