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 Incubation Substrates

What do you think the best incubating substrates known to date are?

i would just like to know because, i am going to start my first year of breeding , anyways i would just like know so i can get it right first time. Also because one of my mates had struggled last year, with his incubation and sadly he was unsuccessful.

Oh and could you tell me what grade (if one) and what ratio of medium to water you use.

Most appreciated,


11/05/08  12:39pm


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 Incubation Substrates

Considering this was posted a long time and I’m new to the repticzone,I’m gonna leave an answer regardless...For pythons most use course vermiculite mixed. 2 to 1 ratio with water...where the vermiculite should clump but not drip water..too wet means rotten eggs...I have been using a product called Hatchrite for 2 years with great success..u just pour it in to ur container,add in ur eggs and ur ready to incubate..simple as that..

05/31/10  11:42pm

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