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 Questions for the BP breeding experts here

I got several questions that give me quite a quandry at times and maybe you can explain why this is;

1) Tank temps - One group says temps should be 80 for the cool side (no lower than 75) and 90 for the warm, while the other group says 80 for the cool side and 95 for the warm. Which is best?

2) If you’re going to use a rack and tubs, how do you heat these poperly? Wouldn’t a UTH damage the tub? I read a site where the breeder uses a room heater to heat the area between the racks (racks are on the rooms sides I guess) and lets the back side where the hide is be cool. Then on another site a breeder says that if you use racks, don’t use tubs so you can use uth’s. And yet another breeder says not to use racks of any sort as this is bad for breeding balls.

3) Some breeders say you need light, some say you don’t. In my case I have to use a light if the snake is going to get any at all, but a breeder on a site says that using a light is bad because it dries out the snake - but my humidity is 55-60%.

4) Humidity... While we’re on it, why do some breeders say 50% is fine, others say you need as much as 70%.

I am refering to people who profit by the trade, who espouse this stuff on their sites as if it came down from God Almighty. I would laugh it off if not for I get further confused by how many times this is printed in literature.

So why the variances and contradictions?

How am I supposed to keep and breed healthy specimens if the information I get is erroneous, but I go with it because Jill Sutheby who breeds morphs and has been doing it for 30 years successfully says its the way to go.

I know many of you have asked the same questions, what was the answer? How did you get a jump into the sea of mixed messages and come out without sinking?


08/18/08  05:32pm


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  Message To: Brembo   In reference to Message Id: 1835289

 Questions for the BP breeding experts here

Well I’m no expert, but I can answer you questions.

1) The worm side should be 90-95 any thing in between is fine, same with the cool side 80-85 if fine.

2) You would still use a UTH on one side, but use a thermostat to control it, just like you should n e way with a tank. It is not enough heat to damage the tubs. And rakes work great to breed BP, any of the biggest BP breeder I know of all use rakes.

3) Light is fine as Long as humidity is ok, a 12 hour day-night night cycle is good.

4) Well you should keep it at 50-60% but it is fine to bump it to 70% when the snake is in shed, and only when its in shed.

I hope that helps you.

09/22/08  08:35pm

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