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 BP Breeding Question!!

hi this may be a very dumb question to ask but i am just interested to know if you can breed BP’s with other pythons. it’s just for my curiosity my BP not old enough to even consider breeding

this is leonidas

03/27/08  06:33pm


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  Message To: Roch_3   In reference to Message Id: 1678202

 BP Breeding Question!!

Yes...with some python breeds (like Bloods and Burms)...but these "Hybrids" are looked down upon by many people and they don’t bring in a higher price when sold.

They’re kind of "Mutts" of the snake world.

04/04/08  01:10am


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  Message To: ScyllaCharybdis   In reference to Message Id: 1688685

 BP Breeding Question!!

i seen a ball/carpet mix for like 3g’s

04/13/08  11:09pm


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  Message To: Moggie   In reference to Message Id: 1702296

 BP Breeding Question!!

I’ve seen a blood ball mix at a reptile show at least thats what i was told looked pretty interesting and the guy wanted ALOT but i wouldnt buy it idk it looked odd like a dwarf blood or something and really really fat

07/10/08  09:37pm


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  Message To: Fillerbunny   In reference to Message Id: 1790509

 BP Breeding Question!!

A popular hybrid is the bloodxball, another is womaxball. The burmhas been successfully crossed with the ball python as well, they have a low birth rate and command a very high market price.

07/11/08  08:01pm

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