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Alexi Romanov
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 Question For Spider Ball Breeder Price Trends

I have been a snake owner for about a year now. Starting with my Jungle Carpet Python that I purchased last December at a local pet store. I have recently fallen in love with the Spider Balls, Pastel Balls and Pinstripe balls. I wanted to expand my snake collection by purchasing a pair of high end morph pythons to eventually breed for a hobby as well as for profit if I decide take it to that level.

So theres this big reptile show coming up in San Jose, CA Nov 3rd I will be attending. I plan on purchasing either a pair of Spider Balls or a pair of Super Pastel Balls. Do you guys think that within the next 2 years the value of Spiders and Pastels will still be worth breeding for? I have heard from several breeders that the profits have already been made on Spiders and Pastels and for me to try and breed them wouldn’t be worth it.

Should I just wait a year or so for the prices to lower or just purchase a pair in November?

Any opinion or input from everyone is greatly appreciated, as you know its a BIG investment and I wanted some professional advice from breeders like yourselves. If you guys have any suggestions on other Ball Morphs worth investing in please note your opinion to.

Thanks guys! -Alex

10/20/07  02:27am


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  Message To: Alexi Romanov   In reference to Message Id: 1484109

 Question For Spider Ball Breeder Price Trends

Hi, ive also bad snakes for a few years and plan on breeding. Im not gonna be breeding for profits. By the time i get breeding, the prices of ball morphs will have dropped prolly near 50% unless its a new morph like a desert or something. Im gonna wait for prices to drop and get my fav morphs :) starting with lemon pastels and albino. hehe hopefully one day ill even buy my pied. :)

10/20/07  01:42pm


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  Message To: BooByVu   In reference to Message Id: 1484385

 Question For Spider Ball Breeder Price Trends

Hey Alex,

I have been breeding for several years and can tell you this. Don’t breed for profit you will be disappointed!!!! If you want to breed do because its your hobby and you love it. It’s a lot of work to
breed and maintain your snakes and rodent colony. As far as value, you will never be able to sell your babies for what you pay for the parents. Example I paid $1000 for my spider in 06 in 07 they are going
for $450. In 08 I expect them to be under $400. And soon enough they will be in pet stores just like pastels.

A wise investment is always going to be simple ressesive morphs. Invest in them. Pieds,stripes,hypos,albinos,lavenders,caramels, and any double combo’s all hold value better. Or go for combo codom’s like bumble bee’s (PastelxSpider) and thing like that.

But here’s my advice: Get what you like It’s you that will have these guy’s for 30 plus years!!

10/20/07  09:03pm


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  Message To: Snowrider   In reference to Message Id: 1484816

 Question For Spider Ball Breeder Price Trends

thats kinda what i was getting at. I was gonna get 2 albino hets to breed so i can have some albinos.....but with the price drops ill just save and buy one and maybe even a spider......the pied and bees can come later hehe

10/21/07  09:17pm

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