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 Ball Python breeding questions

I am going to be breeding all sorts of ball python morphs hopely soon and I need to know some things like incubation- Should I let the mom incubate them or should I get an incubator? When does breeding season start? What temp and humidity would the eggs need? etc.

06/07/07  12:46pm


Tommy Layton
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  Message To: Jyson   In reference to Message Id: 1309466

 Ball Python breeding questions

iím not so sure when breeding season starts but you should definitly get an incubator to be on the safe side and keep the temp at 87 to 90 farenheit. donít change the temp, keep it the same at all times.

09/12/07  10:00pm


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  Message To: Tommy Layton   In reference to Message Id: 1441650

 Ball Python breeding questions

u guys sound young, which isnt any problem....

anyways, the season starts usually from mid nov. to march. the best way to get the best hatch rate is to incubate the eggs. use the havobator, which is the best smallest incubator on the market. it should be set at 88-90 for best results.

it is tough to type out all that is necessary to breed bpís, that is y u should do research on your own.

shotta k.

09/14/07  01:11am


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  Message To: SHOTAK   In reference to Message Id: 1443040

 Ball Python breeding questions

This pretty much sums up the process.

09/14/07  09:10am


Wild "J"
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  Message To: BAMF3321   In reference to Message Id: 1443230

 Ball Python breeding questions

how much do the havbators coast?

09/18/07  10:45am


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  Message To: Wild   In reference to Message Id: 1447915

 Ball Python breeding questions

There about $40 but dont rely on the wafer thermostat. Be prepared to spend extra on a good thermostat.

09/22/07  12:14pm


Like my balls
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  Message To: Jyson   In reference to Message Id: 1309466

 Ball Python breeding questions

I found this to be helpful
I would say get a incubator but Iím not going to.
my female is not even close to breeding age she is only a year old.
but when she does lay eggs Iíll let her do her thing.
(all though I will be watching her close and the eggs)



Click Here

09/29/07  12:22pm


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  Message To: Like my balls   In reference to Message Id: 1461713

 Ball Python breeding questions

Sorry guys but I have to disagree with a few things said...

If the "Hova-Bator" was the best incubator on the market for only a mere $40...then why are there models for $300, $600, $1,800 and so on?

Your statement doesnít make any sense.

The $40 model is not really that good. If you insist on getting a Hova-bator...At least get the Turbofan model ($80 - $100). And again...thatís just an Ok model. Too many things can (and have with other people I know) go wrong with those units.


And to just let you BP "do her thing" is practically guaranteeing you wonít hatch a single egg. I would highly recommend getting a quality unit or at least building something suitable.

Just my 2 cents!

10/05/07  03:01am


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  Message To: ScyllaCharybdis   In reference to Message Id: 1468006

 Ball Python breeding questions

I think they meant the $40 incubator is good for that price plus it only hold a few eggs unlike the 400$ fancy big incubators. the Hovabator is good for 40$ but you gotta add a good therostat anyways so its like 75$ but i still think its a good price for a hobby breeder. But for the bigshot commercial breeders, then ofcourse they would go for the bigger more expensive incubators because they are making a profit from this.

Also, its proven that in captivity a female can incubate her own eggs and hatch them successfully. They can regulate their body temp and can hold humidity. Its just the hatching rates arent as high. So if you want to let her do her thing i think its fine and goodluck.

10/09/07  07:24pm


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  Message To: BooByVu   In reference to Message Id: 1473053

 Ball Python breeding questions

Also keep in mind that Hovabators are designed for fowl (chicken,bird,etc.) eggs so the turbofan is not the best for python eggs. Too much air flow will not let it hold the 95 to 100% humidity that is needed.

Also if 50 to 100 bucks gets the job done why spend more? All problems related to Hovabators is due to the wafer style thermostat. They are prehistoric and are not reliable. This is why a better thermostat is needed.

Though I have a homemade incubator I do use hovabators as back up for when it is full. I have never lost a clutch or an egg for that matter in a hovabator.

If the 3 main needs of the eggs are met there are no problems.

1. Temp
2. Humidity
3. Oxygen

And Ta Da:

10/10/07  01:37am


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  Message To: Snowrider   In reference to Message Id: 1473570

 Ball Python breeding questions

Not wanting to teach my granny to suck eggs by pointing out the obvious but as previously said the incubators on the market are primerely for fowl with the more expensive incubators being auto turn a feature not required for reptiles. Love the pics of the babies.

10/10/07  08:20am

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