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 Breeding bloods

ok so i have aquired two blood pythons(male/female) the male is 3.5 ft and the female is 4 ft, i have read up on breeding bloods and was hoping mre for some first hand experience sort of information...i hae read they are big enouh to breed but was wondering if personally anyone would go ahead and attempt it of wait a yr or so nd try then? i have had experience breeding ball pythons and was wondering if bloods were as easy to encourage or if they take some more effort on my part...

ALL informaton would be greatly appreciated!


09/26/06  12:24pm


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 Breeding bloods

Not only is size important, but age is also a factor too with some things, most female bloods need to be a good 3 yrs or older before they are really mature enough and have enough size on them to be bred.

Iíd say breeding them isnít too hard, but then again everything always varies from case to case sometimes. Some of our males will breed like no tomorrow when put in with a female, others arenít so forward. And sometimes it can be a bit rough I suppose.

Another year couldnít hurt too much especially if you really donít know all the right ages and such on them, and well if you arenít in that much of a rush to get eggs out of them you know.

ES Tropicals

09/26/06  07:20pm

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