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 Beginner Snake

Why are they not beginner snakes

04/15/06  10:58am


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  Message To: Pyro.B   In reference to Message Id: 740796

 Beginner Snake

because they are very aggressive at times, have odd and varyable humidity needs, can get large, and are prone to feeding issues based on enclosure security.

04/15/06  11:13am


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  Message To: N2t   In reference to Message Id: 740816

 Beginner Snake

n2t, that kind of describes a lot of snakes. I would say the biggest issue is humidity. Many novice keepers have trouble getting it to stay at a constant level.
Mine has a hide box that is almost never used, and he eats like a champ. However, for the most part, they do love their humid hide boxes.
As far as aggressiveness, I have never been bitten but have had more than my fair share of being hissed at.
Size does make some difference as well. You may have kept something like a 5 foot rat snake or ball python, but a 5 foot blood is a much heavier snake and that needs to be considered as well in a cage.
I do agree that a blood may not be the best choice as a first snake, but with research can be done correctly. Look into everything youíll need to properly care for the animal before getting it, and set your tank up in advance so you can monitor temps and humidity before placing the animal in it.
And above all, theres no such thing as a stupid question, so dont be afraid to ask anything on these forums if you have any problems with whatever pet you get. Thats what everyones here for.

04/15/06  03:09pm


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  Message To: Hillbilly   In reference to Message Id: 741042

 Beginner Snake

It is true..they really arenít much of a great beginner animal..bloods and short tails apart from their temperature and humidity needs, which arenít easy for everyone to maintain, which is a problem, as these are species that do not do well if you have fluctuations in either temp or humidity.

Also their overall attitude as a whole, many still have a bad reputation from wild caught animals, yet captive bred and born babies that you start with or just younger animals are usually what people have problems dealing with, which is quite simple when looking at most small and younger snakes unused to handling by us, when your that small everything bigger than you is a potential threat to your life.

In regards to attitude, well every snakes overall attitude varies of course, and this is impacted by a few key things IMO. In this species in particular the keeper must spend time with the animals if they are wanting some specific results such as a handleable specimen, not spending time or handling animals, you canít expect most out of them temperment wise. If you have ever worked with any bloods or short tails though they do have quite a few specific body language signals, and these as well play a part in keeping them, because as a keeper you must get to know your animals body language and such, otherwise I donít think you would get too far with some things.

ES Tropicals

04/16/06  03:27pm


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  Message To: ES_Tropicals   In reference to Message Id: 742464

 Beginner Snake

confidence comes from experience in my opinion and Bloods require a certain degree of confidence as well as snake keeping exerience under your belt they are NOT a beginners snake in any way shape or form.

Captive bred animals should be sought above all else in any snake species.

06/01/06  08:40pm

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