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Are Blood Pythons aggressive? How big do males get? And how much to normal Bloods cost?

03/21/06  06:19pm


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there temper ranges from snake to snake but for the most part once there out of the cage they are fine prices i have seen at shows are 80 and up

03/21/06  07:44pm


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  Message To: Snakes4life121   In reference to Message Id: 703364


Size can vary from each specie, sumatran black short tails coming in smallest, borneo short tails next, and finally the sumatran/malaysian reds at the largest, also sex can play a difference as well..most females really becoming larger than males. If starting up with a baby its going to be a good 3 years + before you have a true adult size animal really provided they are maintained correctly.

They do still have somewhat of a bad reputation, but really get a cbb animal whenever possible..when young they can be a bit huffy, temperments vary from one animal to the next, most people tend to have ones that are "aggressive" in their small and younger sizes and age, if you put the time in with these animals and raise them, odds are very good that you can raise up a wonderful animal, because truely blood and short tails can turn into absolutely wonderful animals to be able to own and work with all together.

We have some of each here, the blacks, reds, and borneos. What isnít there to like about these little guys once you take the time to spend with them and learn from their mannerisms.

ES Tropicals

03/21/06  10:01pm

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