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 Got my first short tail!

Hey guys! I’m very new to this forum! :) I just bought my first Borneo STP today, and he is gorgeous! I already have a few questions, however :P

He immediately began to soak in his water bowl, and when I checked him his head was completely underwater. Normal? I’m going to fill the water bowl a little less in the future to avoid so much spillage!

Also, he seems to always want to hang out on the cool side of his tub which runs between 75-77 degrees. He has a nice tight hide on both sides, but he doesn’t use either of them...but he’s really avoiding the hot side. Which runs between 85-87 degrees.

Thanks so much for any replies! Feel free to include any general tips on STP’s that you might find important! :)


01/15/11  03:32am


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 Got my first short tail!

my blood spends 80 % of the time on the cool side he comes to the warm side to soak on occasion and I have seen him put his head underwater but not for too long I have seen him soak for days yes I said days without getting out of his water but he is perf. healthy and happy he spent the past 2 days on the warm side burried under his subtrate ( never used a hide he just buries himself ) but now he is on his cool side again and I wouldnt expect him to move again for at least a week ( He is kinda lazy lol ) he will eat and after he eats he will go back to his water . You just got to get to know your snake they all act have dif. personalities .
Congrats on Your New Snake

01/15/11  07:32am

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