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 New 1.1 albino bloods. / 1. sumatran blood.

I just traded in my yellow bearded dragon for a sumatran blood python, then decided I wanted a set of albinos.

Here are the pics.

They are all around 22"



here is the normal.

He hide all the time...

What should I be doing?

From what I’ve read...

I need to keep it around 78F, with a 90F basking area.
Keep a humid / hide box.
Substrate is cypress.
Big water bowl to lay in.
(I am going to try feeding F/T mice.)

09/23/10  11:36pm


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  Message To: Engish-Bulldog   In reference to Message Id: 2177129

 New 1.1 albino bloods. / 1. sumatran blood.

soooooo, you bought a new species without knowing how to care for it, and on top of that you bought three?

keep it equally humid throughout the cage, not just one place, especially where the snake will be hiding for the next year, too much humidity all the time will end up in 3 cases of RI.

Keep the humidity 60-75% throughout the cage, the hides will already be humid enough.......
cypress is good

They do enjoy soaking, and yes try frozen thawed.

Its a blood python, idk if basking area would be the correct term, it wont bask like an iguana in the sunlight. Just keep the cage between 75F and 85F degrees, maybe hotter idk where you live , maybe a hot spot but not necessary.

09/25/10  10:17pm


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  Message To: KimboSliceEatsCats   In reference to Message Id: 2177494

 New 1.1 albino bloods. / 1. sumatran blood.

im a newbie at bloods too. but in the brief few days and what my breeder has told me they are more of hiders then anything so just keep a good temp and humidity the 2 I have prefer to hide under there substrate as do alot of them i have seen in others collection and a backing spot wouldnt be used much. beautiful snakes though

01/10/11  10:00am

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