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 Blood ball not super ball

Just recently at the anaheim show september 23 i think, i picked up a nice 20lb female sumatran blood shes got a good pearsonality and is cb. I havent posted any pics for the last month though because ive been dealing with a respratory with her, I believe it was caused from the drive from utah to california but its almost gone and looks almost 100%.

Just a little background on her but im hopeing to try and breed her to a ball python. Roussis Reptiles the ones who produced the first super balls told me it has been done. i dont expect it to happen the first time but if lucks on my side maybe it will? ive heard hybridizing pythons takes a lot of luck. Im not sure when i should cool her obviously once her respratory is completly gone but how long after and will it come back? any suggestions or tips on pairing i have a couple of males in mind that i will attempt this with. I will get some pics hopefully soon.

10/16/06  12:16am


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 Blood ball not super ball

I have put balls and bloods together to attempt this, and I canít see how some people really get it done, I guess just by leaving them together, because in all my experience pairing up some of them to try it here, the bloods know something is up and get really ticked off as soon as they are put with a ball or one in with them from what I have seen of ours, I never left them together too long, as I am sure some other breeders really must have to do.

To my knowledge I have only seen this cross done with a ball to a black and a ball with the borneo, I have not seen the red to a ball yet, but from what I see it is typically a male ball to the blood/stp in most of the cases, plus if its successful that would be the better option anyways. Try and be sure completely that the RI has passed before really going to try and cool them for breeding, because an unhealthy breeding animal isnít always the best thing..and for the matter of cooling, some animals do get riís from being cooled, which in most cases I would say isnít too bad and can easily be helped out.

Another suggestion is try and go straight to the source of some people out there that have successfully done this cross, some people are more willing to at least give you some bits of information..sadly a lot of breeders really donít seem to keen on sharing breeding tips and secrets that they have, which I can understand, but it still aggrivates me lol. I am always willing to share helpful information when I can.

Get some pics up of that girl though, she sounds like she is definately good size for one I want to see her looks :)

ES Tropicals

10/16/06  01:08pm


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 Blood ball not super ball

Im really sad to say that unfortuanetly she died. october 23 at about 10pm i found her dead. friday i left for the weekend and she looked great her respratory looked like it was almost entirely gone and she sounded like a normal snake. I came back sunday she sounded really bad and i was planing on taking her to a vet but she died later that evening. the only reason i have pics is because the pearson i purchased it from wants to give me a snake to make up for it and they just wanted to see some proof. It was so cool to finally have an adult 20lb blood with a great teamperment but now im just gonna half to wait for my little ones to get that big. she was all the reasons i wanted to get into bloods in the first place they are just such impresive animals it cant be put into words

10/31/06  02:51am


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 Blood ball not super ball

ahh mate thats terrible news sorry to hear that. I have a 22Ib Male Blood I know exactly what you mean, thats a real shame.

Best of luck aquiring a new snake and a healthy one too.

10/31/06  08:01am

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