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 Uvb/heat bulbs

can anyone tell me about the Zoomed powersun uvb/heat bulbs there uppose to give off heat and uvb i would prefer to use these because i have turtles and i think they could get a more concentrated rate of uvb the way my 20 gallon and 3o gallon is set up the uvb hood go accross the tank from the width wise not the length. if i put them the same way as everyone else usually keeps there hoods there would be no room for the heat lamp to be on the basking area. so can anyone tel me if these bulbs work good or if i should use them for my turtles right now i have a 30 gallon and a 20 gallon for my turtles is that two small of an enclosure to use the powersun bulbs and do they last as long as a regular zoomed heat bulb


08/09/06  08:25pm


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 Uvb/heat bulbs

I believe the minimum distance is 12" from the animals back unless that has changed since I used them.

06/24/06  10:13am

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