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 Notice On UV Bulbs

Some bulbs that say they emit UV sometimes don’t or just release UVA not UVB. The light will last longer than the UV emits so even if it is still working, replace your bulbs after a year max. Thank you and have a nice day everyone.

09/17/03  12:36am


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  Message To: JT   In reference to Message Id: 7608

 Notice On UV Bulbs

Hey, I would like to add that the uvb bulbs should be replaced after 6 months not one year as the uvb output slows down by then so thats when they should be replaced, Yes some of the tube lights do not produce uvb light waves but these are the some of the plant bulbs, work shop lights and some pet store bulbs, so its always recomened to get a good brand(reptisun/zoomed) and to look at the package very carefully to be sure it produces uvb & uva light waves not just uva.

09/30/04  12:15pm


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  Message To: Leokeeper   In reference to Message Id: 151997

 Notice On UV Bulbs

  I would personaly only recomend replacing a flourescent uvb bulb once every six months. The flourescent tubes just donít have the power and intensity to project the uvb rays far enough away from the bulb when the uvb levels start to degrade. The mercury vapor bulbs on the other hand which produse uva & uvb are capable of producing good uvb levels through the first year of life and possibly longer depending on the brand used. Due to the fact that they can be purchased anywhere from 60 watts to 260 watts they have plenty of power needed to project the light downward. Also some of the better ones on the market or even just the higher wattage mercury vapor bulbs are capable of being placed anywhere from 2 to 6 feet away from the animal giving it more room to move. The recomended distance for most of the flourescent uvb producing tube type lamps is 10 to 12 inches. My 40 gallon tank is taller than 12 inches.

Just my humble opinion, take it or leave it. Agree or disagree, there it is.

Dan H.

04/06/06  09:24am


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  Message To: RoachmanDan   In reference to Message Id: 727159

 Notice On UV Bulbs

Unless you have a quality UVB meter like the Solartech Solarmeter 6.2 then fluorescents and mercury vapor should be replaced every 6 months. Not only due to decay but also you can get a dud or lemon and any longer than 6 months under a bad bulb could result in a very sick animal. For green iguanas most fluorescents should be no further than 6-8". There is one brand that should not be placed any closer than 10"--the mystic. Mystics though have been reported to cause eye swelling. The light that makes animals close their eyes is too low or missing in these bulbs so their eyes will be overexposed to the UVB. So if mystics are used supplemental lights should be used with them. Mercury vapor UVB may reach 6í but the amount is practically nil. PowerSun bragged to reach 6í but my iguanas bone density suffered. Mercury Vapor should be no closer than recommended by the manufacture but for maximum distance they tend to exxaggerate. Reptile UV does sell a bulb that will give good UVB at long distances but they only sell those bulbs to zoos, professional keepers, or serious hobbyist who own a quality UVB meter. Their whole line are excellent bulbs and are the best in my opinion. T-rex Active UV is very good because they are made by Westron using Bob MacCargarís (Reptile UV) design. Reptile UV will custom make bulbs to reach whatever distance you need. You just call and tell them the animal you have and your setup with the distance you need the light to be from the animal. They make Dragonís light to reach 2í and give 150 mw/cm2. Dragonís ribís have improved greatly under these lights. And Babyís back fracture healed in half the time that the vet said it should. He was very pleased. She also had less nerve damage than he thought she would. I wonít use anything other than MegaRays now and wonít go back to PowerSuns.

06/24/06  10:08am

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