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 Enclosure paint

Hi everyone!
First of all, thank you all for such an awesome forum, i have been coming here for a while reading all of your advise and tips.
I wanted to share my review of a product i tried recently from a company called ECOS Paints. It claims to be 100% safe for use inside reptile enclosures.
After reading the website and a couple of reviews i decided to go for it.

I used it to paint a huge rock outcrop i made and also the back of the enclosure (giant wooden structure for my iggy). I got two different colors (a dark brown and a dark grey) and used them to add some 3d effect and blended them to make it look more natural. So far so good, there was no odor at all, it applied great and seams to be adhering well (its been three weeks now). Zuzu seams to like his new furniture too :)

Anyway, just thought i would try to give back some advise after taking so much you all!

Here is the site:


11/22/13  07:58am

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