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Does any 1 know were i can get a commen foger or humidifyer for a ball python.

04/04/07  08:55am


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Petco has a nice fogger for about $60. I’ve heard of people using actual Humidifiers, like you’d use for children, however I’m not sure how they make it so it can be directed or maybe ya just stick it in their cage or what. I’m actually curious about using human Humidifiers myself. Can anyone chime in on some use of them here?

04/02/13  03:10pm


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This post is from

06/27/13  09:49pm


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I use a vicks cool mist humidifier for my green iguana and it works great.... never had a problem...... I used to have a reptifogger but it broke about a month after I bought it and had it replaced twice.... I just got the vicks one like I heard others use and I just put it in her enclosure and haven’t had a problem since and its going on a year..... but don’t get the warm mist one as it from what others told me helps create mold

01/10/14  05:44am

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