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 Whats the difference....

what is the difference between a rheostat and a thermostat? This really may seem like a dumb question, but I donít understand the difference.

Why I am asking: I need to use something to control my heat pad for my RT boa.

I do have a thermostat, Big Apple brand, and I use it for my ball pythons UTH. it keeps the Temp at my set temperature and I am very happy with its performance. I am purchasing a Kane heat mat, and from what I read on several forums you need to have something to control the heat mat ( I was planning on doing that anyway, I always over worry about anything that could go wrong.) So, some one on another forum said to use a rheostat, and another person said to use a thermostat. From what I could tell, a rheostat lets you chose between a low setting, medium setting, and a hotter setting, whereas a thermostat lets you pick the actual temperature degree to keep it at. Am I correct?

I would prefer to use a thermostat since I am familiar with them and can set the actual temp degree. I did buy a rheostat by accident today, so I can hold off on returning it, but I am going to buy a thermostat. I can get use out if it if I need to use the rheostat.

I am just wondering what the difference is if I didnít nail it.

thanx a bunch in advance!


11/25/06  06:08pm


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 Whats the difference....

A rheostat works like a dimmer switch for a light,you set it at a constant and it stays there.A thermostat will regulate the temperature to the desired setting.

12/21/06  12:15am

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