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Well the other day i was at the mall and the petstore there has a few reptiles in the bak b/c i could see the tanks from the front. well wen i went bak to look, it was horrific!so lemme tell u:
first which i thought was the worst was they had a 10 gallon w/ 4 baby leo’s and a baby beardie together.2 leos were dead,one was very skinny w/half it’s tail bitten off, and one was stuck in the water dish w/ skin shedding off its head.all of them including the beardie were about 2-3 inches.and they were only feeding dried fruit flies which i dont think they’d they were on calci-sand and had no heat source.then there was a 10 gallon w/ a nile monitor and had no water dish and was extremely extremely skinny w/ no light or heat source.then there was a 10 gallon w/ 3 juvenile (about 7-10 inches) savanah monitors w/ no light or heat source and a water dish w/ less than a centimeter of dirty water.and one of the savs was pinned under a log!!!!(so i took the top off and helped him).then there was a 10 gallon w/ a baby burmese python.that wasnt that bad except for the heat rock that he wa slayin on, but in the water dish u could see bugs and larva and stuff swimmin in it!(parasites?).there was also a 10 gallon w/ 4 adult desert iguanas laying there w/ no vegetabls or fruits nor a water dish and a heat/light source.then in a 10 gallon there was one filled w/ brown smelly water that had rotting live plants and dead fish floating all in it!so wat i’m wondering is how do i report this place b/c it was by far THE WORST PET STORE THAT I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!

06/20/04  04:08pm


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  Message To: Anole_keeper   In reference to Message Id: 89123


first i was going to reply & say. i feel bad that no 1 replyed to u- but then i read ur thing.. dude thats the most horrific thing ive herd of ( animal wise).. call information & see what u can dig up.

06/20/04  05:45pm


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  Message To: Lex   In reference to Message Id: 89136


holy crap! thats the most terrible thing iv ever heard of! i think you could call an animal resce or sumthin. people can go to jail if they treat reptiles like that.
do sumthing to stop that stuff!

06/20/04  08:52pm


MaD mAtT
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  Message To: Critter_gal   In reference to Message Id: 89210


are they complete retards or what you dont feed reptiles dead fruit flies. and to put a beared dragon with lizards that is wrong. I rescued my curly tail from the same situation because i felt so bad man.

06/20/04  09:05pm


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  Message To: MaD   In reference to Message Id: 89221


yea ik...i thought the same as all of u....but luckily one of my friends is bestfriends w/ the person who oversee’s all problamtic situations in the mall so he’s gonna talk to him for me.

06/21/04  01:45pm


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  Message To: Anole_keeper   In reference to Message Id: 89498


you should contact the police or local animal shelter. that constitutes as animal cruelty. if they wont do anything, keep trying. see if there’s a state agency that can help you.

07/06/04  08:46pm


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  Message To: Reptilia   In reference to Message Id: 96128


a bearded dragon is a lizard, but it shouldnt of been with the leos that is horrible somebody report them please that is felony for animal cruelty

07/24/04  05:57pm


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  Message To: BoaBabe448   In reference to Message Id: 106256


yeah my mom used to work at a petstore at a mall she said they had sick and dying dogs in the back room she got fired for telling people not to buy the animals so they wont get more dogs

08/08/04  03:29pm


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  Message To: Anole_keeper   In reference to Message Id: 89123


department of agriculture controls pet stores call and make a complaint...have the address and name ready.

08/09/04  12:36am


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  Message To: Xandra   In reference to Message Id: 117041


I don’t understand how some people can treat animals the way they do. They will love and trust you no matter what, (unless of course they are treated HORRIBLY in which case they shouldn’t be expected to love OR trust you) and all they ask in return is some attention, food, water, and a home. When treated and cared for properly animals will love you unconditionally and can be the best of friends to people. I just don’t understand why people would mistreat their animals the ways they do...

I myself have three dogs, four cats, and two leopard geckos, and would have more animals if I was allowed. (I’d have a whole zoo if I could lol) I love each and every one of my animals, and would never do a thing to hurt them....

Max is my golden retriever and Chow, and I got him from my Grandma Jeanine. She broke her hip and couldn’t take care of him anymore. But Max has had far worse conditions....
Before my Grandma had him my Daddy had him, and before that his first (I guess his first) Owners had left him on someone’s porch with a bowl of water. He had been abused and mistreated, and was afraid of everyone who tried to touch him. Max still has issues with people petting him, but he’s gotten so much better. He is sometimes people aggressive, usually because he is scared of them. (then there’s the mailman lol) All I have to say about his people aggresion is this: always trust your dogs judgement. I’ve found most of the people Max barks at are notorious for NOT being a good bunch.

Theda-Theda originally came from the pound. My friend’s dad just dropped her off at there house and left, and Theda’s a BIG GIRL. She’s not a giant, but was obviously going to get too big for a family with a mother that has bad knees and a three year old. We were dogless at the time, and mom said we could have her. Theda is truly the first dog that was really mine, and I love her to peices. I remember when she was little how I taught her to walk the stairs...

Lucky-Lucky was a tiny tiny runt kitten that was so small he fit in a hat. Some boy was trying to sell him, and he came to our doorstop. It was pouring down rain and here is this tiny, squeaking kitten in a hat. So I asked mom and she said no because we already had a cat. The that boy said he’d throw Lucky down the sewer!! I cried, and a long story short, mom took Lucky from the boy.

Sagwa-Sagwa was rescued from the pound as a tiny kitten. She got sick, and my mom nursued her back to health.

Oliver and Amos-Ollie and Amos are my dad’s cats, and he got them from a friend trying to get rid of her litter of three cats. I almost got him to take the third, but he said that he couldn’t have more then two. The third kitten went to another of my Daddy’s friends.

Buford-Big Buuuuuf. Daddy got him from my Grandma Jeanine too, when she couldn’t take care of him...(he’s a big boy too)

Sorry everything so long, I’m just emphasizing how each animal has it’s own story...

08/17/04  10:22am


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  Message To: Anole_keeper   In reference to Message Id: 89123


ok ive repoted a pet shop before and i call the citys animal shealter and they told me who to call and i must say the animals are much better( this is for any one if you know someone who has reps in very bad conditon i will take them and nurse them ive done it before with dragons snakes ect)

08/18/04  12:15am


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  Message To: Reddevil95128   In reference to Message Id: 122361


Report them to the ASPCA .. Get a mate to report them too. and your family.

04/05/05  03:12am


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  Message To: Pigdog   In reference to Message Id: 298424


I agree report them asap...but to the fruitfly thing...zoo mend sells leopard gecko food that is freeze dried fruit flies...that is still no excuse of course...and if nothing is done keep at them

08/09/05  05:52pm


Scales N Things
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  Message To: Rudolphtamer04   In reference to Message Id: 435126


I know this thread is near dead...But Iím going to add this for anybody whoís reading...Thereís a few steps to take...first off donít even bother trying to talk to the employees about it...they obviously wonít care anyway...Go straight to the manager first. If you arenít satisfied with the response you get from the manager then ask for his bossí information. If youíre unable to get that info or if youíre not pleased with what he tells you then go to the press. Animal Control and the police can do something about it...but they have to stay withing the rights of the law which includes giving the pet store a certain amount of time to "clean up their act". If you go to the press..Ha Ha Ha...Thatís when things start happening. When the owner of the company sees their pet store on the news with pictures and video of dying animals and all of that negative exposure...I guarantee things will happen. Unfortunately it might not be for the right reasons but it atleast the animals will be cared for properly. Also check up with them often to make sure theyíre keeping true to their animal care.

John Sanders

08/28/05  04:58pm


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  Message To: Scales   In reference to Message Id: 458799


You cant report a pet store if there not killing them. I know this is bad but the goverment wont do anything realy. I own a petstore so i look things like this up every now and then


09/25/05  07:09pm


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  Message To: Reptinooblet   In reference to Message Id: 490562


Well then I can still report Petco becasue the conditions the leopard geckos they have proved fatal.

11/13/05  04:22pm


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  Message To: Scaly-Man   In reference to Message Id: 541564


if i were u id call the petco main offace and try to talk to a reprasentive tell them that this is crul and that if they dont get the store to clean up youll contact the press and give them a bad rep. you guys might think that its all bout money but iam sure there some people working for petco that loves animals i have a friend hes the maneger at petco were i live and he loves animals and he cares for them when he can. but yah that f up man i saw a store like that and had a friend that had 2 bearded dragons together, one female and a male and he used sand and dident have a uvb light and use heat rocks and allmost never feed them or gave them water i took these bds from him and when i got them there were the same age as my bd and they were 10X smaller then my bd it was sad to c but now ther huge and fat and healthy but i just sold one a few houers ago cuz my mom says i cant have more then 1 of those creepy creatuer, lol there cute not creepy i say to her.

02/23/06  06:59am

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